From the Editor (July, 2017)

Recently, I have had the pleasure and good fortune of editing two manuscripts that are particularly noteworthy. These are Alexander Dugin’s The Rise of the Fourth Political Theory, and the first volume of the long-awaited English translation of Alain de Benoist’s magnum opus, View from the Right. Dugin’s book, which is the second volume of his The Fourth Political Theory, was fascinating to me insofar as he draws on the metaphysics of the Medieval Iranian philosopher, Shahab al-din Suhrawardi in order to develop his geopolitical concept of an ‘Oriental’ Eurasia that is a radiantly solar point of orientation opposed to the twilight of the Atlanticist world with its nihilist historical trajectory. I also found it noteworthy that Benoist’s encyclopedic study of European civilization begins with the Iranian prophet Zoroaster or Zarathustra. It is books like these, which recognize the Indo-European genealogy and global destiny of our Faustian anti-globalist movement, and also owe a profound debt to the thought of Martin Heidegger (as I do), that drew me to Arktos in the first place.

Although I am inundated with manuscripts to review (most of which I have had to reject despite their relatively high quality), it has also been possible to find the time to work on my own second book, which is now nearing completion. It concerns the sociopolitical implications of convergent advancements in technology that fundamentally call into question human existence and represent an apocalyptic rupture in world history. If Prometheus and Atlas was the intellectual equivalent of an atomic bomb, this book is the death star. Expect it late this summer.

Jason Reza Jorjani
Editor-in-Chief, Arktos

From our July 2017 bulk catalogue.

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