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Arktos Makes Two New Important Recruitments

Arktos Makes Two New Important Recruitments

The increase in productivity as well as the stream of manuscript submissions have prompted us to fill two new essential positions in the company:

— Roger Adwan has previously worked as a freelance translator for Arktos for the past years, focusing mostly on books by Guillaume Faye and Alain de Benoist. He is our most skilled editor and translator. Besides being competent, he has always proven to be reliable, trustworthy and excellent at keeping deadlines. It is therefore a natural step to give such an important employee a formal position in the company. The same goes for Patrik Ehn. Not only is he a long-time friend of mine but he is more importantly an excellent co-worker and representative for the company. I am therefore proud to have these two extraordinary individuals as part of the Arktos core staff, comments Arktos CEO Daniel Friberg.

Roger Adwan and Patrik Ehn will join the Arktos leadership with Daniel Friberg, Tor Westman and Charles Lyons, effective immediately.

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