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Arktos Moves Ever Forward

The Arktos Family continues to grow as three more additions have been made to our team, John Bruce Leonard, William Clark, and Martin Locker.

John Bruce Leonard, who has been one of our foremost translators and editors since last year, is being promoted to Editor-in-Chief, with responsibility of organising other editors, reviewing new submissions, signing author contracts and overall being part of the management team and especially working closely with our chief translator Roger Adwan.

William Clark, who has been helping with conference sales in the US, has been appointed Head of Arktos US. This means he will represent Arktos in the United States, including giving speeches on our behalf, as well as organising conference book stalls, marketing initiatives and other activities aimed at improving our market presence in the US.

Martin Locker, who has been working with Arktos since 2015, will be assuming the position of Assistant Editor-in-Chief, and will collaborate with John in managing editing responsibilities.

We are very happy to welcome John, William, and Martin to Arktos. We think they will make great additions to our team.

So far in 2018, we are off to a great start. We are pleased to announce that the first book in our Julius Evola fundraiser campaign has been published, Recognitions: Studies on Men and Problems from the Perspective of the Right. This volume contains a rich collection of Julius Evola’s late essays. Distilling the work of a lifetime, these essays, despite the great diversity of their subjects, all depart from Evola’s basic and intransigent principles. The material herein is wide and various, but in all cases of perennial interest, and Evola’s treatment brings essential normative values to the fore — values which might serve for the interior and spiritual formation of a new generation.

The next project we are excited to publish is Kerry Bolton’s biography on the infamous American fascist, Francis Parker Yockey. Bolton’s book, Yockey: A Fascist Odyssey,  is the first sympathetic, full-length biography of this enigmatic figure. It analyses Yockey in his historical context: a post-war Europe divided between American plutocracy and Russian Bolshevism; the Europe of scaffolds, ruined cities, and Cold War confrontations. Drawing on unpublished material as well as years of research and personal contact with numerous individuals close to Yockey, Bolton undertakes the daunting task of placing this mysterious and multifaceted man into his historical context — a turbulent post-war era of continual decline and shifting allegiances.

In the first half of 2018, be on the lookout for several upcoming popular titles like Ethnos and Society by Alexander Dugin, Rising from the Ruins by Joakim Andersen, and The Bow and The Club by Julius Evola, as well as Runes and View from the Right: Volume 2, by Alain de Benoist.

Also look for the Arktos table at the upcoming American Renaissance 2018 Conference near Nashville, Tennessee on April 27th through the 29th. We’ll see you there!

So far, 2018 has gotten off to a fantastic start and we are looking forward to carrying this momentum forward throughout the rest of the year!

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