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An Introduction and the Italian Election

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Interregnum, the new Arktos podcast on literature, philosophy, and metapolitics. Charles Lyons, Martin Locker, and John Bruce Leonard introduce themselves and their project, discuss the Italian elections and the Italian political scene, and give a brief review of up-and-coming Arktos titles.

Hosted by Charles Lyons, Martin Locker, and John Bruce Leonard.

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  1. Kudos on Interregnum! Arktos is bringing a wealth of material to market: intellectually stimulating books, quality podcasts, and music. My library contains many of your books and I look forward each month to what’s coming next. I have many favorites (Benoist, Dugin, Faye) but having “discovered” Tito Perdue through Arktos Media, my goal is to purchase all of Tito’s published material. I want to thank you for making available a variety of material that is otherwise difficult to find. Regards, Richard.

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