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The Thought and Life of Julius Evola with Decadent Perspective

The Arktos crew talks Julius Evola with the young and excellently well-informed Decadent Perspective — whose perspective has, in fact, nothing decadent about it. From Modernity to Traditionalism, from Order to Chaos and back again — from the collapse of the times to the upward turn of a new cycle — join us in a wide-ranging investigation into the thought and life of the Baron.

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  • 0:22 Introduction
  • 3:05 Background & Discovery of Evola
  • 5:12 Evola’s Thought and Its Importance
  • 8:00 Evola as a Counter-Modern Thinker
  • 9:25 The Cyclical View of History
  • 13:16 Evola’s Alternative
  • 21:10 Individuality and Freedom, and Their Role in Traditionalism
  • 24:19 Capitalism vs Communism
  • 34:33 Unchanging Principles and Radical Change
  • 39:16 Evola and His Role in Fascism
  • 47:36 The Destruction of a Myth
    49:37 Life as a Representation of Belief
  • 50:00 Evola’s Views of Race and Their Controversy
  • 53:15 Closing Remarks Regarding Evola
  • 56:47 Current Projects by Decadent Perspective
  • 58:30 Announcements (Evola & Dyal)
  • 1:03:33 Outro (Xurious)

A corrigendum, as identified by our guest: the anecdote of Julius Evola walking about during bombing raids so as to make a trial of his fate during is in fact likely true. See ‘In Search of Men Among the Ruins’ in The Path of Cinnabar, page 183, as well as footnote 9 of the same page. The Baron in his own words: ‘Such an accident, no doubt, was not unrelated to a rule I had long chosen to follow: not to avoid, but, on the contrary, to seek dangers as a tacit way of putting fate to the test.’

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