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Tommy Robinson and the New Italian Government with Defend Europa

Laura and Alex of join us to discuss the latest news from Northern and Southern Europe. Tommy Robinson’s arrest and the increasing shutdown of free speech in Britain are nicely counterbalanced by promising developments from the new ‘populist’, Right-leaning government in Italy.

  • 01:54 Introductions and the History of
  • 05:17 The Arrest of Tommy Robinson
    • 6:25 Background of the Case
    • 7:50 British Legal Situation
    • 12:30 The ‘Tommy Robinson’ Question
    • 17:00 Freedom of Expression in Britain
    • 28:49 The Future in Britain
  • 32:56 The New Italian Government
    • 34:00 The Lega and the Five Star Movement
    • 36:30 The Formation of the Government
    • 39:40 The Future in Italy
  • 55:00 Other Developments in Europe
  • 1:04:30 News from Arktos

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