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Introducing Arktos Collections and Arktos Community Retailers

We at Arktos know that, while the writing of a book is the most important part of the publishing process, even the most brilliant words will go nowhere if they are not given the means to reach a new and ready audience. We are therefore proud to introduce two fresh new ideas for the sale and distribution of our titles: Arktos Collections and Arktos Community Retailers.

Arktos Collections feature groups of multiple Arktos titles, organised thematically and sold at reduced cost, for the benefit both of individuals or book clubs who are seeking a wider taste of our literature, and for those of our retailers who would like to bring a rich variety of our works to their stores or sales operations. Our Collections feature the themes which are dearest to Arktos, including Traditionalism, Metapolitics, and Fiction, through the works that have defined our publishing house.

Our Collections also make possible for the first time a new kind of sales model, one that does not depend on conventional online or brick-and-mortar stores, but which can be carried out by private individuals or small independent groups: Arktos Community Retailers. Anyone at all who would like to promote Arktos’ authors, anyone at all who is simply interested in making a little profit through the sale of Arktos titles, is qualified to play an effective role in Arktos’ widespread sales team, by becoming an Arktos Community Retailer today.

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