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Our ideas are largely implemented by a community of like-minded individuals that we call ‘volunteers’. Some volunteers work for Arktos in their spare time for free, some are paid on a freelance basis and some work full-time. If you share our orientation and if you think you have the necessary motivation and skills to work with us, we invite you to apply to become a volunteer.

What Do Volunteers Do?

Volunteers mostly help with publishing new books and promoting them. Examples of tasks include translation, editing, proof-reading, layout and design of new manuscripts; cover design; preparing promotional materials like banners and flyers; and distributing these materials on the internet. Volunteers have also helped with updating the web-site (inserting products, banners, etc), and other ad hoc tasks.

Who Are We Currently Looking For?

Arktos is not a discussion club. We are looking for people who are highly motivated, capable of meeting deadlines, well-organised and want to make a difference. Arktos’ volunteers are just as much friends as they are colleagues. We are therefore looking for people who share our vision and ideals, who will ‘fit in’. Work-wise, we are looking for people for the following positions:

Proof Readers and Editors

We are looking for highly motivated individuals to help with editing and proof-reading new manuscripts and other texts. Fluency in English and attention to detail are essential. Pedantic perfectionism is desirable.


We are looking for people who can translate books into English from –

  • German
  • French
  • Russian
  • Italian

You should be completely fluent in English. We are particularly interested in translating Conservative Revolution and New Right materials, esotericism, traditionalism, and pre-war occultism.

Although we do not currently have plans to translate books from other languages than the above ones if you do know any other language you think may be useful please feel free to contact us. We will make a note of it and contact you if the need arises.

The Benefits of Volunteering

There are many benefits in becoming an Arktos volunteer. They include –

  • You can do something tangible for a good cause: Arktos is one of the few traditionalist ventures that can enable you to make a contribution which will have a positive influence on hundreds of people. What else could you do to promote your values that would have an equivalent impact?
  • Become part of a community of like-minded people: by volunteering with Arktos you can gain relationships with individuals who share your values, not just through the internet, but also in person. For example, in February 2009 Arktos forerunner, Integral Tradition, organised a trip to India for volunteers, where we travelled, explored Vedic culture, exchanged views on many topics and had a good time. Events are also regularly arranged all over Europe, especially in Scandinavia.
  • Do interesting work: if you enjoy working with controversial or otherwise stimulating manuscripts or graphics, and would take interest in seeing a manuscript gradually transformed into a professional book, then you would gain much from working with us. We try to assign tasks to our volunteers which are within their areas of interest.
  • Earn money for doing something you believe in: senior volunteers are paid for some of their work.

Application Process

To apply to become a volunteer with Arktos please fill in the application form and e-mail it to us. The process is like this:

Step (1) We consider your application and either reject it or proceed to the next step (2). Reasons for rejecting it could be either normative (i.e. that your general orientation differs too much from our basic orientation) or related to your skills (i.e. that you do not have any skills that are currently required). If the latter is the case we may add you to our list of ad hoc volunteers and contact you when required.

Step (2) We will contact you to set up a Skype or telephone conversation. This is to get to know you on a more personal level – it is not a job interview, so please relax and just be yourself..

Step (3) You will go through a three-month probation period where we give you some work to see how well you do. If at the end of the three-month period we are happy with you, we welcome you as part of our team.

Before you apply, please keep in mind that we are only interested in motivated individuals. Whilst we do not ask more of our volunteers than they can very reasonably manage, we do expect that if a person becomes a volunteer he will do the work assigned to him within a reasonable deadline, agreed between us and the volunteer beforehand. If you are a habitual procrastinator, then please do not bother applying.

Volunteer Hierarchy

The volunteer hierarchy is divided into three grades:

  1. Volunteer
  2. Senior Volunteer
  3. Project Manager

As a new collaborator, you will start at the first level.

Level 1 Volunteers work for free and often do things like proofreading, promotion, and assisting with the website. Once a volunteer has been with us for at least six months, he may be promoted to senior volunteer. The qualities we look for in this regard are motivation, reliability, and skill.

Senior volunteers generally engage in more demanding work in terms of skill and responsibility including translation, layout, and editing. At this level, you will receive payment for certain tasks, such as translating or editing a book, on a free-lance basis. The amount will be modest, but ‘every little helps’.

After at least six months as a senior volunteer, one may become a project manager if sufficiently responsible, reliable, trustworthy, well-organised and knowledgeable. Project managers do many of the same tasks as senior volunteers, but are additionally responsible for projects (or even departments) as a whole. That means they have to coordinate the various stages of a project, manage the people involved, and make sure that the product, usually a book, is ready on the set date.

Senior volunteers and project managers are paid either on a free-lance basis for certain tasks or work for Arktos full-time.

Our Values

Anyone who wishes to become an Arktos volunteer must adhere to our general set of values. These are indeed general – we don’t expect every volunteer to believe in exactly the same thing – but there is a ‘golden thread’ that runs through our volunteers’ different approaches. Examples of things we are concerned with are –

  • Traditional values: we try to imbibe traditional values like honesty, integrity, and idealism. Our volunteers are polite and respectful and they give their time and energy for a higher cause.
  • Environmentalism: our volunteers care about the Earth and are opposed to the current destruction of the environment and the exploitation and mistreatment of animals.
  • Spirituality: most of our volunteers acknowledge the existence of a supreme, metaphysical reality, or God, and search for or follow a genuine spiritual path.
  • Rejection of modern norms: many of our volunteers eliminate or minimize their interaction with modern phenomena like consumerism, senseless and unrestricted hedonism, hypocritical human rights culture, and so forth.

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