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Culture, Ritual and Sacrifice – Part 2

Everything we have said presupposes that culture in today’s anti-culture modernity is readily understood in any kind of robust fashion. But what exactly is culture? Or, more to the point, how do we understand the manifestation of culture in any…

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Culture, Sacrifice and Ritual – Part 1

Metaphysics is the framework from which one’s self understands reality and one’s place within this reality. It is fundamentally a conscious reflection of one’s unified being, passed through the lens of one’s specific genetic and environmental legacy. A robust metaphysics,…

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Eastward Turning

The awareness of the crisis of the West – awareness which cannot help but touch anyone who is even remotely conscious of the character of the times in which we live – implies immediately and imperatively the need to find…

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From JQ to IQ – Part 2

‘Söhne des Bundes’ What is commonly known as the ‘Jewish people’ represents the oldest surviving historical people on Earth, but in the Holy Scriptures of the three Abrahamic religions this people is more correctly described as the ‘Children of Israel’…

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From JQ to IQ – Part 1

‘Event Horizon’ On the edge – in some respects across the boundary – of the patriotic-identitarian movement, there still remains a ‘question’ that many consider to have been either answered already, or else rendered altogether undesirable: in ‘tainted’ old-right jargon…

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