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Dr. Taha holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy from the Sorbonne University, Paris, and a Master’s degree in Political Science from the American University. A senior career diplomat, she has previously served in Geneva, Paris, and Tokyo, and was appointed in New York in 2019. She speaks fluent English, French and German. In addition to her diplomatic and academic careers, Dr. Taha is also an internationally published author of several books, translated into several languages, and numerous articles, in the fields of Philosophy, Spirituality, Politics, Poetry, and Literature, as well as several works on International Law and Organizations, most of which were adopted as official documents by the UN. Dr. Taha has spent years conducting in-depth research and analysis into Nietzsche’s thought, which has led her to assert the importance of the spiritual dimension of his philosophy, derived from the Vedic tradition of India as well as ancient Greek philosophy. Unlike other Nietzsche scholars, who treat him as a purely secular philosopher, Taha believes that this spirituality lies at the very heart of his thought.

Some books published by the author:

  • Rousseau, le dernier bon sauvage, ou l’âme de la République (“Rousseau, the Last Good Savage, or the Soul of the Republic”) (Dr. Taha’s Ph.D. Thesis, to be published soon).
  • Fallen Suns, Rising Stars: A Novel about Second Chances (Literary Talents, Amazon, USA, 2019).
  • Twelve Resolutions for a Happy Life: A Manual of Happiness (Manticore Press, Australia, 2015).
  • Verses of Light (Arktos, London, 2014).
  • Defining Terrorism: The End of Double Standards: Towards a Universal Definition of Terrorism (Arktos, London, 2014). The book was translated into Portuguese and published in Brazil.
  • The Epic of Arya: In Search of the Sacred Light (Author House, USA, 2009; second edition: Arktos, London, 2016).
  • Nietzsche, Prophet of Nazism: The Cult of the Superman (Author House, USA, 2005). The book was translated into Portuguese and published in Brazil.
  • Le Dieu à Venir de Nietzsche, ou la Rédemption du Divin (Editions Connaissances et Savoirs, Paris, 2005). The book was translated into English under the title Nietzsche’s Coming God, or the Redemption of the Divine, and published by Arktos in London in 2013.

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