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A Handbook for Right-Wing Youth

Author(s): Julius Evola

A Handbook for Right-Wing Youth consists of essays selected from throughout Evola’s lifetime, but most especially from the post-war era, when youth across the Western world had thrown their societies into chaos with protests, civil unrest, and by defying conventional mores. According to Evola, the problem was not with the youth themselves, given that he viewed the inquisitive and seeking mentality associated with the young as essential toward opening oneself to the wisdom of Tradition, but rather with the fact that post-war Western civilisation itself had come to venerate youthfulness over maturity, thus leaving the young without any guidance or authority. Evola believed that it was only by channelling the energies of the rebellious youth into the political Right — not the Right of today, but rather that Right which represents the timeless principles which stem from before the advent of liberalism — thus restoring the West to a healthy and organic condition once again. In these essays, he defines those principles which must be undertaken by youth — not just by those young in age, but those young in spirit as well — if they are to gain mastery not only over their societies, but also over themselves. As such, while this is a book aimed at the young, it is not exclusively for them.

This book was assembled out of Evola’s writings by the Hungarian traditionalists, and includes a Foreword by Gábor Vona, Chairman of Hungary’s political party, Jobbik.

  • Augustus Invictus reading 'A Message to the Youth' from A Handbook for Right-Wing Youth by Julius Evola.
    Augustus Invictus, YouTubeYouTube
  • I would wager that many of those who consider themselves to be part of the AltRight will find common ground with Evola (whether it be very little or a lot). Where the book shines is in its clearly defined portrayal of Evola’s principles and the manner in which these should be integrated by any movement that considers itself as part of the real Right. Food for thought at the very least.
    Martel Mosley,
  • A Handbook For Right-Wing Youth is definitely a must have for any political and metapolitical militants, for every men of the Right in its true essence. We strongly believe that Western societies need a renewal of the Right, not to say a revolution.
    Thierry Durolle, Euro-SynergiesEuro-Synergies
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Editor’s Note

Foreword by Gábor Vona

1. A Message to the Youth

2. Orientations: Eleven Points

3. Outlining the Ideal: The Trial of Air

4. The Right and Tradition

5. Revolution from Above

6. What it Means to Belong to the Right

7. The Culture of the Right

8. Historiography of the Right

9. ‘Neue Sachlichkeit’: The Credo of the New German Generations

10. For a ‘Youth Charter’

11. Biological Youthfulness and Political Youthfulness

12. Goliardismo and Youth

13. The Youth of Yesterday and the Teddy Boys of Today

14. The Youth, the Beats, and Right-Wing Anarchists

15. Some Observations on the Student Movement

16. Psychoanalysis of the Protest

17. Against the Young

Bibliographical Notes by Róbert Horváth



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Gábor Vona, Foreword







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1 review for A Handbook for Right-Wing Youth

  1. Christopher L.

    An excellent starter book for right-wing activists, containing some of the most important essays by Julius Evola. This book is a must-read for everyone interested in traditionalism and right-wing thought in general.

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