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Agitprop in America

Author(s): John Harmon McElroy

Wherever the Marxist agenda is found, it has always followed the same simple formula: Destroy and Rebuild. Agitprop, the technique invented by Lenin to rouse his fellow Russians to overthrow the government of czarist Russia, has been used in the United States since the 1960s and is still being used to destroy America’s culture and rebuild it as Cultural Marxism.

Agitprop in America identifies this attempted “transformation” of the United States as an anti-American movement, which has been variously called “the culture war,” “the counter culture,” and “political correctness.” By analyzing the movement’s dogmas and methods, including the manipulation of American speech, and by trenchant comments on cultural history, this book provides the understanding needed to thwart the imposition of an alien, atheistic culture on the United States. European readers may find Agitprop in America of some use in the cultural crisis which they face.

  • Retired political science professor John Harmon McElroy in Agitprop in America (2020) shows how the left has step by step invaded our culture, our behavior and our speech through agitational propaganda (agitprop). McElroy is an old-style anti-communist who details how New Left cultural Marxists have conducted the cultural front in America, beginning in the universities and reaching into popular culture.
    Mindszenty Report, Catholic JournalCatholic Journal
  • Prof. McElroy has written a book that could be a good first step in the education of a baffled former liberal.
    Rémi Tremblay, American RenaissanceAmerican Renaissance
  • John Harmon McElroy’s work of catharsis is a worthy addition to the Arktos library, and offers an original and multifaceted new approach to the subject of America’s undeniable and ongoing decay. At almost 400 pages of commentaries on numerous subjects, including a large lexicon of Cultural Marxist terms, the book certainly represents value for money and will consume many hours of study.
    Andrew Joyce, The Occidental ObserverThe Occidental Observer
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A Brief Word to Readers


Part I: The Context

  • Historical Background of the Counter Culture/Political Correctness Movement
  • A 1970 Interview with Three Counter Culture Agitators

Part II: The Lexicon

  • Commentary on Politically Correct Language as a Means of Revolution
  • Terms Related to and Used by the Counter Culture/Political Correctness Movement

Part III: Transformations

  • Preface
  • Biological Class Consciousness
  • “Social” Justice
  • Mandatory “Diversity”
  • A Standard of Double Standards
  • “Sensitivity” Above All
  • “Correct” Free Speech
  • A Culture Without Belief in God
  • Conclusion

Part IV: The Future of Cultural Marxism in America

  • The Failure of Marxism in the USSR and Successes of PC Marxism in America
  • Unsustainable Borrowing, Spending, and Deficits
  • American Imperialism
  • PC Marxist Dominance in U.S. Public Schools
  • The Significance of the 2016 Presidential Election

Appendix A: Beliefs of American Culture

Appendix B: Dogmas of Cultural Marxism

Some Further Relevant Reading


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