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Breached Enclosure

Author(s): Petr Hampl

Why the West Is Being Defeated by Islam but Might Still Come Out Okay

“Every politician in the Western world should be required to read Dr. Hampl’s work.” — Robert Spencer

Petr Hampl’s Breached Enclosure describes the decline of the West as a direct result of a Kafkaesque process of increasing bureaucratization. The elite and the managerial class implement suicidal policies, not because they are evil, but because they want to increase their organizations’ budgets and power. The selfish elite wields tremendous influence but is unable to re-cage the beast of unlimited immigration, unfettered Islamization and enforced multiculturalism it has injudiciously released.

The book examines the erroneous assumption that one or more agents for this malaise can be identified and made responsible. Instead, the defenders of Europe have to wait for the new aristocracy’s decline and build a variety of organizations in order to be prepared if or when the collapse finally comes. Who can stay passive in the face of such an onslaught? Who can remain calm after learning about the real causes of the West’s deterioration into a madhouse?

  • For much of his career, Hampl has focused on the class conflict between the global multicultural elite and ordinary working people. In the beginning, his ideas were neglected and even labelled communist, but later they were accepted by a broad swath of Czech society and became more mainstream.
    The Warden Post, YouTubeYouTube
  • In his work, Petr has focused on the class conflict between the global multicultural elite and ordinary working people. However, Dr. Hampl paid his price. He is not allowed in mainstream media or to teach at university. Organizers of his public lectures are sometimes threatened. But he has become the most famous Czech sociologist with outreach to other countries as well.
    Ondrej Mann, Counter-CurrentsCounter-Currents
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Foreword by Robert Spencer

  1. Introduction
  2. Why Our Brain Betrays Us When We Need It the Most
  3. Why Our Civilization Is Unique
  4. What the Fall of the West Would Mean for the Rest of the World
  5. Why Ideas and Ideals Are Not Nearly as Important as They First Seem
  6. Conspiracy Theories
  7. The Conservative Right Perspective
  8. An Issue That Is Infinitely Complex
  9. Bureaucracy, a Seemingly Unconnected Phenomenon
  10. The Elites: A Clarification
  11. The Problems of Civilisation Are Caused by Bureaucracies
  12. The New Aristocracy’s Sympathy for the Efforts to Replace European Nations with Something Better
  13. Islam
  14. A Story about an Enclosed City Helps Us Understand Why Everything Is Worse Than We Thought
  15. It Could Be Much Worse
  16. Historical Lessons from Past Crises
  17. What to Expect
  18. What to Do to Save the West
  19. War or Brutal Islamic Extremism
  20. A Sociological Theory
  21. Responses to the Most Frequently Asked Questions Not Answered So Far





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