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Catholic and Identitarian

Author(s): Julien Langella

From Protest to Reconquest

Is Christianity the natural enemy of identitarianism? Has it contributed to the liberalization of our societies and to the mass immigration which is so quickly altering our social make-up and changing the face of our nations? What can Christianity, past or present, offer us at this unprecedented historical moment of political and social change?

Catholic and Identitarian seeks to answer these questions from a traditionalist Catholic perspective. Arguing that Christianity, and Catholicism in particular, far from being an enemy to identitarianism, actually forms the necessary underpinning for true European identitarianism, this book demonstrates that the teachings and traditions of the Church have always respected ethnic and national borders and protected the integrity of authentic human roots. At once a vindication of the Church against the misinterpretations and misrepresentations of left and right alike, and a stirring call to defend our European heritage from the forces that would destroy it, Catholic and Identitarian reminds us of the basic truth that “to fight is to love.

  • For the benefit of those unaware of the Catholic tradition’s relationship to patriotism, Langella shows how the local, particular loyalties frequently denounced in modern homilies as “racism” have been affirmed not only by popes and Church Doctors, but by Biblical figures such as the Maccabees, Saint Paul, and Christ Himself.
    Jerry D. Salyer, Chronicles MagazineChronicles Magazine
  • An intelligent, relevant and well-documented book...
    , MetainfosMetainfos
  • Julien Langella is to be commended for producing an impassioned, and often furious, message from a dying France. Some bum notes and petty criticisms aside, there is much here to enthuse and enrage the committed Catholic, and to educate and inspire the non-Catholic.
    Andrew Joyce, The Occidental ObserverThe Occidental Observer
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Translator’s Forward

Preface by M. Abbot Guillaume of Tanoüarn

Introduction: The State of Things and Challenges to Take Up

  • The Face of Europe Is Changing
  • The Identitarian Awakening of Catholics in France
  • Identitarian
  • Catholicism Is Not a Party
  • Charity and Rootedness
  • The Purpose of This Book

Chapter 1: Catholic and Identitarian, Universal and Rooted

  • Son of the Same Father
  • Betrayal of the Biblical Message
  • Brothers in Jesus
  • To Be Christian Is an Identity
  • Yes to Universality, No to Confusion
  • A Theology of Nation
  • Our Own Before Others
  • Apostles of Christ and Saviors of the Homeland
  • Getting Beyond the Ethnic Taboo

Chapter 2: The Religion of Miscegenation, the Other Gender Theory

  • Fight Against All Genders!
  • A Totalitarian Ideology
  • A Declaration of War Against Europeans
  • The Hatred of Real Diversity
  • Miscegenation, Moral Guarantee of the Globalist Steamroller

Chapter 3: The Migration Hurricane and the Church

  • Forty Years of Non-European Immigration
  • Surviving Together
  • What Does the Church Really Say?
  • The Elusive Pope Francis

Chapter 4: What to Do?

  • Identitarian Ecology and the Right to Have Roots
  • The Reality of Assimilation
  • Tomorrow Repatriation
  • Christians and the Conflict to Come

Chapter 5: Fall and Reconquest

  • The Hebrews and Us
  • Judas Maccabaeus, Israel’s Hammer
  • Identitarian Lessons and the Maccabean Epic
  • The Christian Lesson of the Fall of the Last Jewish Kingdom
  • Good Fears and Bad Fears

Conclusion: To Fight Is to Love



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