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Author(s): Cris Millennium, Piero San Giorgio

Surviving Chemical, Biological, Radiological & Nuclear Events

Chernobyl, Fukushima, weapons of mass destruction, chemical meltdown These words inspire fear. But what are the real risks involved? Who could really be affected by a future event, and how does reality compare to fiction? What represents real dangers — nuclear plants, industrial centres, government laboratories — and how can regional or even global crises be handled by private individuals? Finally, what equipment and preparations really make sense in our world of potential catastrophes, and which of them are just a waste of time and money?

CBRN makes an immensely complicated subject accessible to non-specialist readers, covering the most pressing threats in the arena of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear disasters, and providing the know-how and the necessary information to distinguish myth from reality — and to quickly and capably identify real risks, assess real situations and manage real emergencies, to keep us and our families safe.

  • That slides this book from pure textbook closer to the self-help category but without the neurotic creeping manipulation of that genre, which tends to lure in desperate people and crush their sense of autonomy so that they can join the cult promoted by the person writing the book who hopes to have their own talk show someday. Instead, it arms people with defensive knowledge. If the book has a subtext, it involves transferring from superstitious ignorance to cautious and highly particular knowledge.
    Brett Stevens,
  • Our guest couldn't make it yesterday due to coronavirus lockdown so he joins us tonight! JF's vacation: canceled.
    J-F Gariépy, The Public SpaceThe Public Space
  • Piero is the top author of books on survivalism in Europe, including Survive The Economic Collapse, Women on the Verge of a Societal Breakdown, and his latest and extremely relevant book: CBRN - Surviving Chemical, Biological, Radiological & Nuclear Events. We talked about the history of viruses and plagues, his take on the potential economic and social repercussions of the coronavirus quarantines, and his projections and recommendations on and regarding the future.
    Jack Donovan, Start the World PodcastStart the World Podcast
  • Henrik is joined by Swiss-Italian author Piero San Giorgio to discuss the impact of the Coronavirus, preparedness, what to expect in the coming months and ultimately how to survive it. In the second hour we talk about the long-term positive effects of the virus.
    Red Ice TV, Red IceRed Ice
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Translator’s Foreword

Preface by Dmitry Orlov



1. Radioactivity

  • Natural Radioactivity
  • Man’s Use of Radioactivity

2. Scientific Foundations

  • The Structure of Matter
  • Radioactivity
  • Scales and Units

3. Exposure to Radioactivity

  • Scopes and Means of Exposure
  • Exposure Sources
  • Health Impact
  • Conclusion

4. Scenarios

  • Remote Irradiation
  • Radioactive Contamination

5. Nuclear Power Plants

  • The Nuclear Centre of Electricity Production (CNPE)
  • Three Miles Island
  • Fukushima
  • Is the Nuclear Option Safe?
  • What About the Waste?
  • Chinese Syndrome?
  • Could a Nuclear Power Plant Explode Like an Atomic Bomb?

6. Atomic Bombs

  • Hiroshima
  • Consequences
  • The Atom’s Destructive Power
  • Fiction

7. Myths


1. Living Organisms

  • General Facts
  • Classification

2. The Biological Threat

  • Types of Biological Agents
  • Military or Terrorism-Related Biological Agents

3. Examples of Biological Agents

  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Non-Living Biological Agents: Toxins
  • Dark Winter: Simulation of a Terrorist Attack

4. Biological Weapons

  • Some Examples of Biological Weapons Research
  • Dissemination and Penetration Methods

5. Pandemic

  • The Plague of Athens
  • The Black Death
  • Spanish Flu
  • The 2013–2015 Ebola Outbreak in West Africa

6. Scenarios

  • Unknown Virus
  • The Flu


1. A History of Chemical Warfare Agents

  • Ancient Times
  • World War I
  • The Modern Era
  • Industrial Toxic Agents

2. The Chemical Threat

  • Means of Penetration
  • Types of Poisoning
  • Main Effects
  • Lists and Classification of Chemical Toxic Agents
  • List of Industrial Toxic Agents of Operational Importance

3. Conclusion

4. Scenarios

  • Toxic Gas
  • Chemical Warfare


1. Familiarise Yourself with the Dangers

  • Alerts and the Dissemination of Information
  • Identifying the Risk

2. Adequate Behaviour

  • Confinement
  • Evacuation
  • Responding to Contamination and Poisoning

3. Fallout Shelters

  • The Legacy of the Cold War
  • Recent Developments

4. Improvised Shelters

  • Necessary Equipment in Shelters

5. Nuclear Attacks

  • Attack Plans
  • Proliferation and Threats
  • Targets
  • Reacting to a Nuclear Attack

6. Alimentary Protection

  • Obtaining Information
  • Health-Related Effects
  • The Elimination of Radionuclides
  • How to Manage Your Food


1. General Kits and Equipment

  • Containment Kits
  • Bug-Out Bags
  • Undressing/Decontamination Kits

2. Protection Equipment

  • Respiratory Protection
  • Bodily Protection

3. Detection Equipment

  • Radioactivity Detectors
  • Chemical Agent Detectors
  • Biological Agent Detectors

4. CBRN Kits

  • Non-CBRN-Dedicated Protection Kits
  • ‘Basic’ CBRN Kits
  • ‘Intermediary’ CBRN Kits
  • ‘Advanced’ CBRN Kits
  • CBRN Kits: Conclusion



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