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Excessive Immigration

Author(s): Winston C. Banks

And Britain’s Colourful Dystopian Sunset

As anti-racist and open-borders hysteria reaches a crescendo in Britain, the shy tide of resistance is finally turning.

By now we are all used to the headlines about terrorist incidents, grooming gangs and illegal immigration. It has been virtually taboo to openly question these developments, but the growing problems that they bring in crime, education, housing and health can no longer be ignored.

In Excessive Immigration, Winston C. Banks joins the dots between events and headlines, and reveals the systemic and dangerous subversion of traditional British culture — indeed of European and Western civilisation — by carefully examining the phenomena of anti-Semitism, racism, Islamophobia and Brexit, and challenging the predominantly leftist academic establishment that has suppressed these inconvenient truths.

If you suspect you have been lied to, that your own observations and opinions about these vital topics are routinely and unfairly mocked, and that free speech in Britain is under threat, this ground-breaking text is for you.

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1. Words, Terms and Meanings

2. Xenophobia and Xenophilia

3. Anti-Semitism

4. A Black and White Problem

5. Understanding Racism

6. Problems of European Union Free Movement

7. The Problem of Islam

8. Population Concerns

9. Interethnic and Intergroup Problems

10. The Impact on Indigenous Whites

11. Some Academic Battles

12. Games Social Justice Warriors Play

13. Anecdotes and Examples

14. Threats to Free Speech

15. Speculations on Decline and Inequality

16. Might and Rights

17. A Momentary but Necessary Dark Cloud of Self-Questioning

18. Problems We Want to Ignore

19. Are There Any Solutions?

20. The Takeaway Message and Challenge

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