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Hated and Proud

Author(s): Mark Dyal

Ultras Contra Modernity

Wednesday, May 2, 2018. Daniele De Rossi stands in the afterglow of another heartbreaking defeat for the AS Roma soccer team. Disappointed by the loss, the AS Roma captain nonetheless looks elated. He speaks to a reporter about more than the game, describing the sensation of pride, love, and ‘the essence of being Roman,’ that was given him by the crowd. There is no doubt to anyone that De Rossi is speaking of the Ultras in Curva Sud.

Pride. Love. The essence of being Roman.

And yet these same organized, ritualized, aggrandizing, and ‘Ultra’ fanatical soccer fans are invariably described in the media as violent and thuggish, and often racist and fascist.

Violent. Thuggish. Racist. Fascist.

For years Mark Dyal struggled with the evident disparity between the pageantry of the Ultras and their propensity for violence and extreme politics; so much so that he moved to Rome and lived amongst the Ultras for fifteen months, seeking to understand them as an important and instructive phenomenon.

Hated and Proud is the story of what he discovered in Rome, both within Curva Sud and within himself. Neither memoir nor journalistic exposé, Hated and Proud is instead an intense, but academic, engagement with the Ultras and their theoretical, historical, and political influences.

  • So buy and read Hated and Proud.  It is a timely work of great importance.  The book is an actionable discourse written by a man who clearly understands the ethics which the Ultras were attempting to implement.
    , Noble YouthNoble Youth
  • [Mark Dyal] has spent some time with the Ultras of Rome. I thought it was a brilliant book to showcase some critique against the modern world and modern football [...] and a good example on how to illustrate the modern world and globohomo on one side, and tradition on the other.
    The Golden One, YouTubeYouTube
  • The Arktos team is joined by Mark Dyal to discuss his up-and-coming book, “Hated and Proud” — an analysis, at once scholarly and deeply visceral, of the time he spent amongst the Ultras of Rome. Join us for a lively conversation about soccer, violence, political extremism, and the vital importance of living one’s ideas in the flesh, with a man who found his life utterly changed after a sojourn with the hardcore fans of Italian soccer.
    Interregnum, ArktosArktos
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Acknowledgment and Dedication

1. Ultras Contra Modernity

2. The Everyday Life of the Ultras

3. Ultra Practices and Their Consequences

4. Ultras, the State, and Violence

5. The Agonistic Form of Life of the Ultras: Opposition and Life as War

6. Romanità and the Ultras

7. Globalization and Local Particularity

8. Circo Massimo and the Ultra War Against Calcio Moderno

9. Conclusion

Afterword: Hated and Proud




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