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Homo Americanus

Author(s): Tomislav Sunic

Child of the Postmodern Age

Homo Americanus is a powerful investigation into the origins and dynamics of Americanism. Drawing from many long-forgotten or suppressed sources in the fields of literature, history, anthropology and philosophy, this book represents an interdisciplinary critique of America’s founding myths, its riddled present, and its questionable tomorrow.

Dr. Tomislav Sunic casts strong light on many facets of the American question: the postmodern American psychology driven by a sense of Jewish-inspired chosenness, America’s linguistic manipulations, its techno-scientific religion of boundless progress, and the American geopolitical reality as a menacing and self-destructive hegemon, which puts not only the survival of its own European legacy at risk, but also the heritage of all European peoples worldwide.

  • Homo Americanus is an excellent exploration into the evolution of Americanism, from its Puritanical roots into the Global Superpower we know today. In this review, I have barely scratched the surface of the very many talking points of the eminent thinkers Sunic, McDonald and De Benoist.
    Elessar Music, Republic StandardRepublic Standard
  • I also think that Sunic strikes the proper balance, and indeed far better than most of the European New Right, by stressing both the newness and antiquity of the American policies and attitudes under discussion. Instead of dumping on the Protestant, moralistic culture out of which America grew as a nation, Sunic believes that culture had its strengths before it became secularized and corrupted.
    Paul Gottfried, Taki's MagazineTaki's Magazine
  • Heritage and Destiny readers are already indebted to Dr Tomislav Sunic, a former Croatian diplomat, for his wide ranging analysis of the European New Right, Against Democracy and Equality, reviewed in issue 20. Dr Sunic has now produced what many will regard as a doubly dangerous book.
    Peter Rushmore, Heritage and DestinyHeritage and Destiny
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Editor’s Foreword

Foreword by Kevin MacDonald

Author’s Preface

1. Americanism and Anti-Americanism

2. Twin Brothers: Homo Sovieticus and Homo Americanus

3. The Origins of Political Correctness and America’s Role in its Perfection

4. The Biblical Origins of American Fundamentalism

5. In Yahweh We Trust: A Divine Foreign Policy

6. Post-America and Postmodernity

7. E Pluribus Disunitas: Exit European Americans

Postscript by Alain de Benoist



Tomislav Sunic




Alain de Benoist, Afterword, Kevin B MacDonald, Foreword







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1 review for Homo Americanus

  1. Vincent

    Great book, very insightful, well written, and a pleasure to own.
    Dr. Sunic provide a compelling look into American ideology and how it measures up to itself and other government entities especially it’s brother homo societies. Well worth the money and time.

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