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How Europe Became American

Author(s): Hans Vogel

Hans Vogel’s How Europe Became American is a perfect step-by-step summary of how the Old Continent turned into a clone of the New World. Tracing the history of the brother wars that have ravaged the West, and America’s skillful exploitation of their fallout, the book clearly demonstrates how the United States, with the aid of its ever-faithful lackey England, has purposely and insidiously fomented conflicts. Always driven by avaricious interests, the US has enriched itself through its back-door participation, based on staged incidents to rally the gullible masses.

How did English become the lingua franca? How did America become the sole superpower and the global policeman with the biggest stick? Why is Europe voluntarily relinquishing its status as the world’s mightiest civilization? The author answers all these questions in a revealing and easy to follow manner, which keeps the reader riveted and makes him question the “official” narrative shoved down his throat on a daily basis by the agenda-driven mainstream media and systematically corrupted educational institutions.

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I. Europe and the World until the Great War

1. A European World

2. Agriculture

3. Shipping and Trade

4. Industry and Technology

5. Education and Culture

6. German Leadership

7. France and Paris

8. America Sets Eyes on Europe

9. The State

10. The Military

11. Railways and Time

12. The Right to Vote

13. City and Country

14. Public Health

15. The Lure of Leisure

16. The Discovery of Nature

17. The Lure of the Exotic

18. Religion

19. Modernity and Decadence

20. Feminists

21. Socialists

22. Jews

23. Rivalries and Conflicts

24. Alfred Milner

25. Europe Split Asunder

26. Plotting for War

27. How War Was Prepared

28. Austria-Hungary and Italy Rock the Boat

29. The Balkans

30. Europe and Beyond

31. England Pushes Ahead

32. Opposition to the War

33. Closing and Opening Ceremonies

II. War and Revolution (1914–1920)

34. First Shots

35. War at Last!

36. The Slaughter Begins

37. Italy Joins In

38. Blockade

39. Turkey

40. Propaganda

41. Breaking the Stalemate

42. America Comes to Europe

43. The Destruction of the Russian Empire

44. Endgame in the West

45. Unfinished Business in the East

III. Peace in Our Time (1918–1935)

46. Germany Gives Up

47. The Treaty of Versailles

48. “War Crimes”

49. The Treaty of Versailles as Diktat

50. League of Nations and New Colonies

51. The US Decides the Fate of Europe

52. Germany Destabilized

53. The Plan to Destroy Germany

54. The German Collapse of 1923

55. Social Change

56. Women’s Emancipation, Sort of

57. Americanization through Movies and Music

58. Socialism Advances

59. Religion under Pressure

60. Italy: the Fascist Solution

61. A New Italy

62. Fascism Elsewhere

63. The German Solution

64. The Rise of Hitler

65. Hitler’s Benefactors

66. Hitler’s Enemies

67. Chancellor Hitler

68. Nazis and Jews

69. Economic Recovery

70. Nazi Foreign Policy

71. Russia: Building a Socialist State

72. Stalin and his Policies

73. A New Deal for America

IV. A New War in the Making (1935–1939)

74. So Many Wars

75. Wars in Poland and Turkey

76. Colonial Enterprises

77. Japan’s Expansion

78. Italy’s Expansion

79. Civil War in Spain (1936–1939)

80. Towards another World War

81. Anschluss

82. Sudeten Crisis

83. Poland and the Corridor

V. A New War (1939–1962)

84. War in Western and Northern Europe

85. The Winter War

86. Fall Gelb

87. England Alone

88. The US Joins In

89. Japan Tricked into War

90. The Bombing Picks Up

91. War in the Balkans

92. War against Communism

93. Caught in the Trap

94. Germany Must Perish!

95. Stunde Null

96. War Crimes, Again

97. Nuclear Business

98. America Conquers the World

99. Kangaroo Court

100. The Looting of Germany

101. Days of Reckoning in Europe

102. Argentina, Land of Opportunity

103. War Goes On

VI. Part of a New Empire

104. America Rules, American Rules

105. New Nations

106. A New European State

107. United Nations?

108. Powers behind the Throne

109. The Fate of Germany

110. The Communist Danger

111. NATO

112. European “Unity”

113. The Americanization of Europe

114. A Bit of Resistance

115. America as an Ideal

116. The Disney World Colony

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