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Money Power: A Force for Freedom or Slavery?

Author(s): Isac Boman

Based on a thesis at Åbo Akademi University, Money Power: A Force for Freedom or Slavery?, is a bold and original contribution to a field which is commonly misperceived as nearly self-evident and unproblematic within mainstream economics.

Its core argument is revolutionary in several regards. First, it presents innovative perspectives on money as a general phenomenon. Second, it exposes the hidden realm of the banking sector. Third, it illuminates possibilities for alternative monetary systems in contrast to the current monolithic monetary culture.

The book is written in a remarkable style, especially given that economic science is pervaded by some of the oldest and most conventional vocabularies to be found within any field. The text flows smoothly and at times has the feel of reading a detective novel.

  • Isac Boman's "Money Power" provides an intriguing read and is accessible to anybody with an interest in banking and finance whether they be experts or complete beginners.
    Martel Mosley,
  • Boman has written an interesting and compact book (less than 90 pages) for those who want to gain greater insight into the financial system and its role in society.
    Yannick Noé, Arcadi MagazinArcadi Magazin
  • Isac Boman speaks at the Identitarian Ideas gathering in Stockholm, Sweden.
    Red Ice TV, Red IceRed Ice
  • Isac joins us for a highly interesting show on economics, banking, and cryptocurrencies. After learning about Isac’s ideological journey, we discuss his book, Money Power. Isac tells us about some of the absurd reactions to his book; by daring to take an objective, scholarly look at the economic policies of National Socialist Germany, he was compared to Hitler. This leads to a discussion on said policies, including what we can learn from them. Later, we discuss the Orwellian state of censorship in Sweden. We talk about Expo, an “anti-racist” organization partially funded funded by George Soros, and how the Leftist media works tirelessly to oppose the interests of ethnic Swedens. The first hour also delves into banking, the fractional reserve system, and money as a form of economic energy.
    Red Ice Radio, Red IceRed Ice
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