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Political Justice

Author(s): Alexander J. Illingworth

A Traditional Conservative Case
for an Alternative Society

Political Justice is a traditional conservative case for an alternative society, in a world which has lost its moral compass.

With a sound mixture of common sense and clear-sighted temperance, Political Justice reconstructs classical philosophy through direct dialogue with modern liberalism, dismantling the fallacies and follies of the latter brick by brick, even while rediscovering the principles of a just political order. Neglecting neither our most cherished and deeper heritage, nor the best of classical liberalism, A. J. Illingworth guides the reader step by step through a lucid investigation of the political and social structure right for European peoples, culminating in a vision of a society which is capable as much of securing us in our liberties, as encouraging us in our virtue.

  • In a review for Amazon entitled Move over Scruton I wrote that; ‘If, like me, you’re a liberal and looking to understand the honourable members to your right, this book is an excellent primer. Written by Alex J. Illingworth, co-founder of The Burkean political blog, the book is a concise exposition of British conservatism with the oak tree firmly rooted in Aristotelian soil.
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Book I: Political Institutions

  1. Introduction
  2. Reading Political History
  3. The Foundation of Morality
  4. Moral Improvement
  5. The Influence of Institutions Refuted
  6. Perpetual Human Improvement
  7. Perception and Liberty
  8. Luxury and Decadence

Book II: Principles of Society

  1. Introduction
  2. Morality and Justice
  3. Suicide and Lawful Killing
  4. Duty
  5. Equality
  6. Human Rights
  7. The Value of Private Opinion

Book III: Principles of Government

  1. Introduction
  2. The Social Contract
  3. Political Promises
  4. Political Authority
  5. The Purpose of Legislation
  6. Obedience
  7. Forms of Government

Appendix to Book III: Revolutions

  1. Organised Opposition
  2. Revolution
  3. Instituting Reform

Book IV: Legislative and Executive Power

  1. Introduction
  2. Education of the Elite
  3. Life of the Elite
  4. Benevolent Dictatorships
  5. Ministries
  6. Subjects and Citizens
  7. The Monarch
  8. Limited Executives
  9. Titles
  10. High Culture and Government
  11. The Features of Democracy
  12. War
  13. Democracies and War
  14. Militaries
  15. The Composition of Government
  16. Parliaments

Appendix to Book IV: Further Remarks on Political Society

  1. Freedom of Religion
  2. Loyalties
  3. Libels
  4. National Education
  5. The Fraud of Economics

Book V: Crime and Punishment

  1. Introduction
  2. Coercion and Ethics
  3. Policing
  4. The Categorisation of Crime
  5. The Path to Anarchy
  6. Evidence
  7. The Institutions of Law
  8. Pardons

Book VI: Property and Technology

  1. Introduction
  2. Property and Income
  3. Luxury and Poverty
  4. Sloth
  5. Permanency and Vice
  6. Population
  7. The Impracticability of Equality


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