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Prelude to War

Author(s): Guillaume Faye

Chronicle of the Coming Cataclysm

‘I have never known anyone who wrote so brilliantly and passionately about the crisis we face.’ — Jared Taylor

Guillaume Faye’s Prelude to War is a potent indictment of terminally decadent and hopelessly apathetic Europeans. Because of utter indifference and through skillful brainwashing by the corrupt elites, they seem resigned to their fate, namely subjugation under the merciless heel of Islam and flooding by the Third World, and thus eventual extinction in a sea of ravening masses. Faye not only targets the traitors and defeatists in our midst, namely the liberals and the leftists, he also mocks the cowardly attitudes of so-called ‘conservatives’, who are incapable of actually conserving any authentic values because they constantly make concessions to the prevailing rotten zeitgeist.

The war for the soul and survival of Western civilisation is real, and it is right on our doorstep. Faye paints a truly apocalyptic picture of the twenty-first century as an era of massive conflicts and calamities, which will resemble the Middle Ages in terms of sheer brutality and radical regression. Verily, this is Europe’s last stand — either it learns to be sufficiently ruthless, with pagans and Christians united on the offensive again, or it will sink forever into a Muslim-dominated hole of oblivion.

  • The best chapter of the book is Resisters or Histrions, where Faye fires well-deserved salvos at the inept and defeatist Right, its weakness and incompetence compared to the ever-victorious Left, and, in addition to once again mocking the “ethnopluralists” and those obsessed with “metapolitics” instead of real political action, Faye also chides those European activists who have obsessed over American “race-based IQ comparisons” ...
    EGI Notes, EGI NotesEGI Notes
  • Reading Faye, one is shocked at his lack of concern for France’s speech laws, a disregard that led to a number of appearances in court. Faye was courageous and bold, and his ideas are often bumpy and uneven, but always sincere. Perhaps the best reason to read Faye is that, despite his penchant for a coming apocalypse, he was an optimist. One can therefore read Faye to be encouraged. He closed this volume, after all, with the words: “Do not despair.”
    Andrew Joyce, The Occidental ObserverThe Occidental Observer
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Foreword by Constantin von Hoffmeister


1. Facing Islam

2. Neo-Terrorism: Why One Should Be Pessimistic

3. The American Adversary

4. Towards a New Cold War Between China and the USA

5. Towards an Ethnic Civil War in Europe

6. The New Social War and the Economic Crisis

7. The New Jewish Question

8. Europe and the Third World — An Impossible Combination

9. The Belgian Case and the German Question

10. Those Who Collaborate with the Enemy

11. Resisters or Histrions?

12. Operetta Rebels

13. Intellectualism as an Anaesthetic

14. ‘You Are Politically Incorrect’

15. The Political Class: A Saraband of Clowns in the Face of the Tempest

16. Regarding the Notion of State

17. Decadence — A Prelude to Collapse

18. Is Christianity Still Capable of Struggle?

19. The Philosophy of Life in the Face of Degenerate Thinking

20. In Favour of Constructive Belligerent Thinking

21. Vae Victis or the Tribunal of History

Conclusion: The Return of the Titans


Scenarios of the Apocalypse

Operation Skorpio or the Destruction of the United States

The Incineration of Tel Aviv

The Dead City of Paris


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