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Promethean Pirate

Author(s): Jason Reza Jorjani

Promethean Pirate concludes the trilogy that began with Jorjani’s Faustian Futurist and Uber Man, but it does so as a philosophical work of non-fiction. Jorjani shockingly reveals the realities behind narratives that were at the core of those two putatively “fictional” texts. In particular, the reader will be presented with startling information about Atlantis, the origins of the Counter-Tradition, the life of Nikola Tesla, and the hidden ambitions of Ghislaine Maxwell.

Promethean Pirate is, however, first and foremost a work of Philosophy. Jorjani sets forth the clearest and most concise exposition of his entire philosophical project, such that this book can actually be read as an introduction to his corpus. No prior knowledge of any of his other books, including Faustian Futurist and Uber Man, is required. Beyond a summary of the seven original concepts that he has developed, he goes on to advance a number of philosophical arguments.

Jorjani also sheds more light on the international intelligence operation that was the context for his involvement with both the Alt-Right and Iranian Renaissance movements at the highest levels, which ended with his defamation in the pages of The New York Times, Newsweek, The Intercept, Jacobin, and other media outlets.

  • This video is part of a series of interviews conducted with Selwyn Griffith at the New Yorker Hotel in the summer of 2022, which served as the inspiration for the extensive autobiographical parts of my latest philosophical work, PROMETHEAN PIRATE...
    Jason Reza Jorjani, Prometheism @ YouTubePrometheism @ YouTube
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Chapter 1: Incendiary Ideas

Chapter 2: The White Whale

Chapter 3: The Flag of Ahab

Chapter 4: Belial of Atlantis

Chapter 5: De Profundis Excelsior


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