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Author(s): William S. Lind

Taking America Back

If you have ever felt out of place living in the modern world, Retroculture gives you the option to dwell in a different era.

Addressing the various aesthetics, architectural styles, values and manners of days gone by, William Lind identifies the concepts of Retroculture and provides the reader with the tool-set to begin situating their lives in the “new-old.”

However, this shift in lifestyle addresses not only the hobbyist, but also American society at large, urging a return to an era in which truth, politeness and beauty were considered paramount, and pointing a way forward to a brighter future for the nation as a whole.

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Chapter I: Signs of Change

Chapter II: Retroculture

  • What is Retroculture?
  • Breaking away from “Selfism”
  • A Dialogue with the Past
  • Bringing the Generations Together
  • A Change of Lifestyle
  • Freedom of — and from — Fashion

Chapter III: Getting Started

Chapter IV: Retro-Homes

  • Older Houses
  • New Homes
  • “Turning Back the Clock” with the Home You Have
  • Retro-Interiors
  • Retro-Neighborhoods
  • Retro-Homes in Retrospect

Chapter V: Retro-Families

  • Starting a Retroculture Family: Dating
  • Marrying
  • Retroculture and School
  • The Retro-Family and Church
  • Living the Retro Life Alone
  • Retroculture and Your Life

Chapter VI: Retro-Clothing

  • Dressing Up
  • The Retro Look
  • New Old Clothes
  • Retro Accessories
  • Retro-Shopping, or Making a Chore a Pleasure
  • Period Clothing: Going All the Way
  • Amazing Grace…

Chapter VII: Retro-Entertainment

  • Retro-Television
  • May I Have This Dance?
  • Shall We Have a Musicale?
  • Entertaining at Home
  • “Johnny, You Must Learn to Entertain Yourself”
  • Period Entertainments

Chapter VIII: Retro-Manners

  • The Golden Rule
  • Must We Then Act “Hoity-Toity?”
  • Where Do Retro-Manners Apply?
  • Are Retro-Manners Just “Victorian”?
  • Difference Without Disrespect
  • Public Manners
  • Office Etiquette
  • Which Retro-Manners?

Chapter IX: Retro-Travel

  • The Train
  • First Class “Plus”
  • Urban Travel: The Second Coming of the Trolley Car
  • Motoring
  • Walking and Bicycling

Chapter X: Retro-Business

Chapter XI: Retro-Service

  • Retro-Service Is Good Business
  • Offering Retro-Service
  • Serving the “Public Good”

Chapter XII: Retro-America


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