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The Agni and the Ecstasy

Author(s): Steven J. Rosen

The Agni and the Ecstasy compiles essays that the renowned scholar of Vaishnavism, Steven J. Rosen, has published throughout his 25-year writing career. Ranging from commentary on transcendental philosophy and scriptures such as the Bhagavad Gita, to personal reminiscences of prominent spiritual figures and devotional music, there is virtually no topic on which he does not shed illumination. This book is an excellent introduction to Rosen’s work, whether one is a newcomer or a long-time reader.

“[T]here is something in this book for everybody. If one leans toward academia and intellectual approaches to spirituality, one will appreciate the articles included here that are informative, well-researched, and conveyed with an authoritative tone. On the other hand, if the reader prefers essays that entertain and arouse emotions – that speak to one’s internal spiritual quest and a personal search for answers – then there are also pieces that address those particular needs.” –from the Introduction by Steven J. Rosen

“Having imbibed the compassionate spirit of Srila Prabhupada, his beloved guru, and having dedicated his life to uplifting humanity through transcendental knowledge, Satyaraja is specially empowered to reach our hearts. We can rejoice upon the release of this volume of his collected articles.” –from the Foreword by His Holiness Radhanath Swami

Steven J. Rosen (Satyaraja Dasa) is an initiated disciple of His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. He is also founding editor of the Journal of Vaishnava Studies and associate editor for Back to Godhead. He has published more than thirty books in numerous languages, including the recent Krishna’s Other Song: A New Look at the Uddhava Gita (Praeger, 2010); The Jedi in the Lotus: Star Wars and the Hindu Tradition (Arktos, 2010) and Christ and Krishna: Where the Jordan Meets the Ganges (FOLK Books, 2011).

  • Again, I can recommend the book if you are interested in the spiritual treasures of India. It definitely gave me a some new insights as well as further motivation to continue on the esoteric path!
    The Golden One,
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