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The Blackening of Europe, vol. 2

Author(s): Clare Ellis

II. Immigration, Islam, and the Migrant Crisis

The second of three volumes, The Blackening of Europe: Immigration, Islam, and the Migrant Crisis provides the hard facts about the declining population of indigenous Europeans and probes into the reasons why millions of migrants are waved through at Europe’s borders.

While the media have presented this influx of migrants from primarily Muslim-majority countries as a much-needed boost to the economy, helpless asylum seekers, or just friendly new members of your neighbourhood, the reality is crystal clear in the statistics: migrants are consistently over-represented in unemployment rates, low education levels, welfare benefits, violent crime, and prison populations. Is Europe truly finding a humanitarian solution to benefit all, or simply welcoming groups that refuse to integrate, harbour incompatible worldviews, and aim to conquer through demographics and destabilization?

Breaking down the social, political, and financial costs of the ‘migrant crisis’, Ellis does not shy away from acknowledging the consequences of Europe’s immigration policies. In a time when all are encouraged to promote diversity or keep silent, The Blackening of Europe shines a sobering, necessary light on the decisions that lie before the continent.

Part of series: The Blackening of Europe

  • … [T]he second [volume], subtitled  Immigration, Islam, and the Migrant Crisis, appeared earlier this summer. The whole is amounting to a powerful description of the suicide—actually murder—of a civilization.
    F. Roger Devlin, VDAREVDARE
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Part III: Demographics: Immigration and Islam

7. Immigration: EU and Five Country Profiles

7.1 Belgium

7.2 United Kingdom

7.3 France

7.4 Sweden

7.5 Germany

7.6 Summary

8. Islam and Islamism

8.1 Re-Politicisation of Islam

8.2 Islamism: Counter-Hegemonic Global Ideology

8.3 Three Types of Islamists and Three Types of Activities

8.4 Demographic Conquest and Islamisation of Europe

9. Muslim Immigration: EU and Five Country Profiles

9.1 Belgium

9.2 United Kingdom

9.3 France

9.4 Sweden

9.5 Germany

10. In Statistics: Muslim Fundamentalism and European Opposition

10.1 Muslim Views on Integration and Sharia Law

10.2 Islamic Fundamentalism and Terrorism

10.3 European Opposition to Islam and Immigration

Part IV: The 2015/2016 Migrant Crisis in Europe

11. Asylum, Migrant Demographics, and International Responses

11.1 Asylum Law, the EU-Turkey Agreement, and the Migrant Crisis as Boon

11.1.1 EU Asylum Law: The Dublin Regulation

11.1.2 The EU-Turkey Agreement and its Deficiencies

11.1.3 Reform of the Dublin System

11.1.4 Migrant Crisis as an Economic and Demographic Boon

11.2 Migrant Nationalities, Numbers, and Routes

11.2.1 Problems with Documentation

11.2.2 Problems with Registration and Vanishing Asylum Seekers

11.3 Most Asylum Seekers are Young Muslim Males: Three Possible Reasons

11.3.1 Dangerous Journey

11.3.2 Economic Opportunities

11.3.3 Muslim Invasion

11.4 Migrant Crisis and Muslim Countries

12. Criminal Aspects and Costs of the Migrant Crisis

12.1 Migrant Crime

12.1.1 Migrant on Migrant Crime

12.1.2 Crimes Against Europeans

12.1.3 Mass Sexual Assaults

12.2 Costs

12.2.1 Border Control and Security

12.2.2 European Aid: Emergency, Humanitarian, and International

12.2.3 Economic Impact on the EU Budget and Member States

12.2.4 Small Towns, Tourism, Health, Security, and Safety

13. A Critique of Elite Reactions to Migrant Sex Crimes and Terrorism

13.1 Migrant Sex Crimes: Non-Disclosure, Blaming Victims, and Sexual Jihad

13.1.1 Creating Behavioural Changes

13.1.2 Importation: Muslim Misogyny and Sexual Terrorism

13.2 Paris and Brussels Terrorist Attacks

13.2.1 Prevention Efforts: History and Current Thoughts

13.2.2 Political Islam and Muslim Radicalism: Global Phenomena








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