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The Consequences of Equality

Author(s): Matthew S. Battaglioli

The Consequences of Equality is a critical analysis of egalitarianism. Economics, political theory, ethical theory, and sociology are all used to tackle some of the most controversial questions of the day: “What is the nature of equality?” “Are people truly equal, and in what ways?” “What would it mean if they are not?” and, most importantly, “What occurs when a society fails to accept the inevitability of inequality?” —Dr. Richard Lynn

  • We begin by discussing the recently inaugurated Donald Trump. Matt tells us that he generally distrusts politicians; as such, he’s pleasantly surprised to see Trump fulfilling his promises. We then discuss Matt’s book, The Consequences of Equality. We learn that his experiences in college – in particular, discussing social issues with liberals – led him to question the notion of equality. This leads to a discussion on the history of this oft-fetishized concept; in particular, we discuss how John Locke’s ideas concerning equality are misunderstood in the modern era. The first hour also covers the Alt-Right, Bolshevism, and ends on the topic of economics and banking.
    Red Ice Radio, Red IceRed Ice
  • The Consequences of Equality is a brave book that thrusts its ideas headlong into the teeth of a politically correct gale force storm.  A storm that threatens our livelihoods, our freedom and civilization itself. Please read it carefully and spread its message far and wide.
    Douglas French,
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Foreword by Douglas E. French

The Authoritarian Nature of Equality

The Economic Consequences of Equality

The Political Consequences of Equality

The Ethical Consequences of Equality

The Cultural Consequences of Equality

In Conclusion



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