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The Fall


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What once was, is lost.

We all see it, and we all know it: Europe and it’s peoples are falling
into decadence and despair. Our leaders have betrayed us. They do not
serve us anymore.

We have now arrived at the third act of the Winglord epic, where dark
clouds are gathering and a chasm of chaos lies before us. There’s no
turning back and no secret passage around it. We have to cross it, no
matter the risks.

But cross it we will, together. We will live.

Track list

  1. Overture to the Fall
  2. Lamenting Europa
  3. Pandoras Box
  4. Blood of Our Fathers
  5. Wrath of the Awakened Saxon
  6. Men of the West
  7. Hyperion
  8. What Will You Do
  9. Burying the Captain
  10. We Will Live
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