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The New Prometheans

We stand at the close of the Modern Era. The Enlightenment ideologies which have guided and misguided the West for the past five hundred years are reaching their final terminus, and a new era is threatening behind the horizon.

This, a time of great promise, is also one of unprecedented dangers. The European spirit which has guided entire continents of the world for long centuries stands on the brink of self-elimination, poisoned by shame, timidity and mediocrity. Only a new cultural and socio-political vision can break this spell and reawaken the sense of destiny in Europe’s sons and daughters.

The New Prometheans is a brave exploration of the terrain of our times, and an attempt to determine the borders, if not to penetrate, the terra incognita of the future, as a summons to the children of the Occident to become the forgers of a higher tomorrow.

  • Coming down on the futurist side of Archaeo-Futurism, Leonard’s The New Prometheans is committed to the re-activation of the West’s long-lost (or rather: long-dormant) Promethean archetype. In doing so, Leonard is pulling its Western readership, i.e. its non-collaborationist thinking part — now increasingly finding its way into New Right, for-ward and up-ward to the intellectual, psychological and ethical level at which the re-incarnation of that archetype becomes possible. Once a sufficient critical mass of combined thought and willpower has been achieved at that level, the West will be ready for a quantum leap forward. That will be the moment of the Archaeo-Futurist Revolution — it will augur in the Golden Dawn. The publication of The New Prometheans marks great progress towards that unimaginable moment. The New Right may rejoice over The New Prometheans’ preview of what lies beyond the present eclipse of the West.
    Alexander Wolfheze,
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Part One

1. Progress or Conserve?

I. The Long Leftward Shift and

the Death of the Conventional Right

II. The New Right in Silhouette

Part Two

1. Is the New Right Radical?

2. That Custom Is the Ground of Law

3. Ethos and Ethnos

Part Three

1. Is the New Right Extremist?

2. Equality or Liberty

3. On Self-Mastery

4. The New Prometheans

5. Lessons from Demonland

Part Four

1. Is the New Right Reactionary?

2. On Genocide

3. The Twilight of Tolerance

Part V

1. The Political Dilemma of the New Right

2. The Sword of Damocles

3. Politics and the English Language

4. Freedom’s Core


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