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The Return of the Solar King

Author(s): John MacLugash

Writings on Identity, Modernity, and the New Age

John MacLugash’s The Return of the Solar King is a handbook for those seeking advice on how to tread the Spiritual Path towards total Self-Realization, beyond the confines of political correctness. Drawing from the wisdom of diverse influences, ranging from Savitri Devi and Carl Jung to Buddhist and Hindu sages, it evokes the power of one’s forebears, enlightened beings and the Christ Jesus to guide the reader to an understanding of true Tradition and its meaning for humanity in terms of its connection with the Light radiating from the celestial energies above and within.

Liberal and leftist influences have perverted the outlook of contemporary New Age movements, resulting in the steadfast denial of the ethnic and racial roots of one’s cosmic character. We must feel as part of a tribe to be able to participate in the whole universe of existence. The eternal King beckons us to follow the Laws that bind. Thus, we can joyfully partake in the bounties of earthly existence and reassuringly — after — as the ancestral heritage that closes the chain.

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The Last Adam

The Essence of Modern Man

Blood, Bond and Soil

How Masculinity Became Toxic

Multiculturalism Isn’t Spiritually Evolved

Tribalism: Bane of Modernity

Crazy Jim Carrey and Spiritual Egotism

Mass Culture

  • The Wandering Storyteller
  • “P.R.” Is for Propaganda
  • The CIA Television Network
  • Behavior Placement
  • The Echo Chamber
  • Conclusion

Masculinity and Modernity

New Age of the Feminine(ism)

Blood of Our Ancestors

Chariot of the Ethnos

Fear of the Warrior

The Science of Separation

  • The Science of Tribal Man
  • Repression Syndrome
  • Conclusion

Reconsidering the American Team

Adolf Hitler and the Meaning of Suffering

Karma vs. Privilege

  • Incompatible Beliefs
  • Check Your Privilege?
  • Victim Theology
  • Charity
  • Indo-Aryan Humanitarianism
  • Conclusion

The White Man’s Rape Culture

  • March against Misogyny
  • The Dreaded “Alpha Male”
  • Sex Addiction Culture
  • Blame the White Guys
  • “There Are No Victims, Only Volunteers”

Race for Jerusalem

Why I No Longer Fight for Social Justice

An Age Without Elders

Exoteric Slavery

Sandcastles of a Golden Age

Rule of Law and the Common Good

Shadows of Modernity

James Fields and Justice in the Modern World


Dion Fortune and the White Brotherhood

  • Priests of the “White Lodge”
  • Dion Fortune the “Racist”
  • “Proto-Pagan” Tradition

Blood Memory

The White Supremacy Virus

Root of Evil

The Art of Kindness

Spiritual Alchemy and the Great Work

Return of the Solar King

  • The Dying and Rising Sun King
  • Modernity: The Killing of the King
  • The Resurrection and Return of the King

Epilogue: The First Sermon of Reverend Joshua

Appendix: Meditations on the GOD Self

  • I. Contacting the Self
  • II. Auric Egg Meditation

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