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The War on Gender

Author(s): Claire Rae Randall

Postmodernism and Trans Identity

Transgender rights have recently come to the fore as a social issue and yet there are many who feel that this is being pushed too far and too fast. Claire Rae Randall is a transsexual woman who transitioned in the 1980s and is deeply concerned about this precipitous rate of change. Can it have a happy ending?

The War on Gender examines the progress of trans from a personal perspective, which has seen it come from being a marginal issue to one that is now having a disproportionate influence on social values.

Including material on the neurodevelopment of gender, medico-legal and ethical issues, metaphysical analysis and critique of the postmodernist deconstruction of gender, this book challenges the viral transformation that transgender ideology has already wrought upon Western society.

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  1. Childhood: Early Life and Realisation
  2. University: TV/TS and the Science of Gender
  3. Seeking Self-Knowledge
  4. Acceptance
  5. Transition: Second Serve
  6. Radical Feminists and the Oppression Olympics
  7. Transition: Finding Myself
  8. Borderlines
  9. Freedom!
  10. A New Century: Interpretations and Projections
  11. LGBT and New Perspectives
  12. Descent into Hell
  13. The Lynn Conway Evidence (and more)
  14. The Jeremy Clarkson Postulate
  15. Where Are We Now?
  16. Children and Society
  17. Political Polarities: The Weaponisation of Gender
  18. Social Entrainment of Gender
  19. Problematics…
  20. What Are We?
  21. Metaphysics
  22. The Abolition of Gender

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