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The Western Path

Author(s): Peter Goodchild

Peter Goodchild’s The Western Path is a witty and profound manual of how to get through the end of the world as we know it. Fossil fuels are running out and people will not stop breeding. The West lacks the vigor to live due to the self-injected poison of multiculturalism, globalism and open borders. Thus the end of comfort and leisure is nigh, and lacking a readily available propellant, the good times will literally stop rolling. The post-oil earth will be apocalyptic in terms of the sheer collapse of infrastructure, services and communications. “Back to the Stone Age” will cease to be a mere hollow phrase. Hunting, gathering, and — above all — farming will become the order of the day once more.

Drawing from real-life experience, the author lays out in meticulous detail, referencing both the finances and work involved, what it takes to detach yourself from the rat race and set up a humble abode in Mother Nature’s bosom and live off its bounty, all before the coming cataclysm that will wipe away the fatuous complexities of a society gone mad. Learning to struggle against everyday nuisances without modern-day amenities will be trying for most and only very few determined and true survival-minded individualists will manage to eke out an existence for themselves and their offspring.

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1. Against Globalism

Globalism and Western Decline

The Growth of Cultural Marxism

The Contraction of the West

2. The Foundations of Corporatism

Corporations That Were Everywhere

The Rich and the Poor

Farms Without Farmers

Capital and Labor

Open for Business

No News Was Good News

The Employment Kaleidoscope

Where Did the Money Go?

3. Decomposition of the Mind

Left, Right, and Marx’s Axiom

Brainwashing and Propaganda

The Little Red Schoolhouse

An Invitation to Anarchy

When Machines Began to Control the World

Loneliness as a Political Weapon

Who Is Responsible?

Our Hope in Nature

4. Alienated Labor

5. A Restless People

6. Breakdown

Population and Immigration

Overpopulation — Just Stack ’Em Higher

The Poverty Industry in Canada

The Fallacy of Alternative Energy

When the Lights Go Out

Handy Hints for the Days to Come

Agriculture in a Post-Oil Economy

7. The Coming Famine

8. A Place in the Country

9. Ten Discourses on the West

The Big Sky

Looking for the Uncrowded Country

The Practical Paradigms

Last Days of the City

The Enigma of Town and Country

Principles for Turbulent Times

The Year 2050

Back to the Land (but You First)

Doomers and Boomers

Sermons in Stones

10. Faith and Family

Christianity and the Modern West

The Bible You Might Not Know

How Marriage Is Being Destroyed

The Decline of the Western Family

11. The Land of Smiles

12. Return To Canada

13. The Divine Hours

Summer Is Knocking at the Door

Knives and Forks

The History of Happiness



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