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View from the Right, Volume I: Heritage and Foundations

Author(s): Alain de Benoist

A Critical Anthology of Contemporary Ideas

View from the Right was originally published in French in 1977, at the time that Alain de Benoist’s GRECE think tank was at the height of its influence. The book consists of a series of essays and profiles of various thinkers and figures who Benoist considers to embody the defining elements of the various strands of Right-wing thought. It immediately took the French political and intellectual worlds by storm, and in 1978 it was awarded the Grand Prize by the prestigious and historic French Academy.

It continues to be regarded as one of the most important modern French works on political philosophy, and as being the fundamental statement of the principles of the New Right during its early years.

This first volume in a three-volume translation by Arktos is an encyclopedic history of ideas that addresses the philosophical, spiritual, scientific, and cultural-historical foundations of the European heritage.

Part of series: View from the Right

  • The vast space dedicated to the chapter about Nietzsche is impressive and even consists of a section about difficulties in the edition of the philosopher's work. Benoist stresses that Nietzsche's eternal return of the same couldn't be understood without his spheric concept of history.
    Marian Penko, Geopolitica.RUGeopolitica.RU
  • It is little short of remarkable that we should have to wait four decades for an English translation of a text with such critical acclaim and intellectual pedigree. Credit for bringing about the English translation (published in three handsomely designed volumes and with an updated 2001 Preface) is due to Arktos Media, founded in part in 2010 with the goal of bringing the works of de Benoist to an anglophone readership.
    Andrew Joyce, The Occidental ObserverThe Occidental Observer
  • Decadent Perspective joins me to discuss Alain de Benoist's "View from the Right" (Arktos Media) as well as Benoist's other work in relation to previous "traditionalist" thinkers such as Julius Evola and Friedrich Nietzsche. We explore what these three right wing philosophers have in common.
    Volklore & Decadent Perspective, YouTubeYouTube
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