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Author(s): Kerry Bolton

A Fascist Odyssey

Francis Parker Yockey, herald of Western resurgence, sought to apply the philosophy of Oswald Spengler to the problems of post-1945 Europe. Yockey’s ‘Cultural Vitalism’ provides an organic and enduring method of analysis for the life-course of Civilizations.

Yockey: A Fascist Odyssey is the first sympathetic, full-length biography of this enigmatic figure. It analyses Yockey in his historical context: a post-war Europe divided between American plutocracy and Russian Bolshevism; the Europe of scaffolds, ruined cities, and Cold War confrontations.

Drawing on FBI and other state files, hitherto unpublished archives, and numerous personal interviews with those involved, this biography introduces a wealth of new material. The Allied ‘war crimes trials’ and the Communist Prague trials, both of which Yockey personally observed; opinions on Yockey by Sir Oswald Mosley, Ivor Benson, Adrien Arcand, and other important thinkers; the founding and activities of Yockey’s European Liberation Front; the genesis and impact of Yockey’s greatest writings; profiles on Yockey’s colleagues and followers; the use of psychiatry as a political weapon against dissident Rightists; the background to Yockey’s arrest, trial, and suicide — these subjects, and many more, receive unique treatment in this comprehensive biography of a political visionary.

Foreword by Tomislav Sunic.

  • In this regard, the new glimpses Bolton gives into the Union Movement as well as the myriad rightist projects in America is invaluable to contemporary dissidents. The revelations are too numerous to detail here, but it suffices to say that there is no a corner of contemporary Western dissent that could not benefit greatly from Bolton’s findings, and his research has the potential, in the right hands, to prevent many future errors and correct the course of the Dissident Right in the era of tragedy and hope that is being shaped by the likes of Nigel Farage, Donald Trump, Jair Bolsonaro, Victor Orban, and Matteo Salvini. Yockey looked to the East; the lessons of his contemporaries suggest he was pointed in the right direction.
    Walter Devereux, The American SunThe American Sun
  • Yockey has, of course, been written about before, but Bolton's work is so massive and content-rich that it is certainly the most important book ever written about Yockey (or will ever be written). (Translated from Finnish)
    Markku Siira, BlogspotBlogspot
  • Besides having archival value, this book is an important tool in studying the ongoing practice of criminalizing and pathologizing political opponents by the false use of the worn-out word “fascism.” This word, which has by now totally lost its original meaning, has become a word meant to silence political opponents and prevent serious scholarly inquiry. If the liberal-minded President of the United States, Donald Trump, or the liberal German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, are denounced by their detractors as “fascists,” then one must also give full credit to Yockey for trying to restore the true and original meaning of this word.
    Dr. Tomislav Sunic, The Occidental ObserverThe Occidental Observer
  • [T]here was never much information on Francis Parker Yockey, so for a book like this to come out, finally, after all these years, it really is a treat. Almost like a holy grail to Yockey fans, especially for those who've read Imperium. This book is very well researched. [...] In fact, I would recommend you to read this book first, before going into Imperium.
    Decadent Perspective, YouTubeYouTube
  • Overall, Bolton’s effort is superior to that of Coogan in the all-important categories of content and organization; [...] It says much (nothing good) about the “American scene” that Yockey is essentially ignored, while the likes of Pierce, Rockwell, and “Robertson” are lionized. [...] Perhaps Yockey was too good for us, after all.
    JWH, Western DestinyWestern Destiny
  • A tale of international espionage, an intellectual biography, and a vivid portrait of the life and times of a brilliant political visionary, Yockey is truly an odyssey through an era. Kerry Bolton, author of numerous works on the ideology and the thinkers of the Right, here traces the twisting steps of Francis Parker Yockey, best remembered for his controversial and seminal work of political philosophy, Imperium.
    John Bruce Leonard,
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Foreword by Dr Tomislav Sunic




‘An Exceptionally Brilliant Student’

1940 — Life as an Art


War Crimes Investigator

Colonel Knöchlein’s Case


‘The Philosopher’


German Socialism

Other Influences

Schmitt and Haushofer





The Race Question

‘Vertical Race’ and ‘Horizontal Race’

Race Theory in the Third Reich


With Mosley


An Act of Faith’

European Liberation Front

Action Programme

Italian Alliance

Peter J Huxley-Blythe

Baroness Alice von Pflügl

Guy Chesham

The Proclamation of London

Culture Pathology

Elsa Dewette (Darciel)

Political Programme of the ELF




Julius Evola

The Britons, Arnold Leese, et al

Der Weg


The Meaning of Europe


Of Yearning Onward, Upward & Away

Gerald L. K. Smith

Senator Joseph McCarthy

Maurice Bardèche

Princess Maria Pignatelli

Egidio Boschi

Adrian Arcand

US Return

Egypt, USA, Germany



Yockey’s German Mentor

Hang on and Pray: A Spenglerian Critique of Toynbee

Ullstein and Einstein

National Renaissance Party


H Keith Thompson Jr

Meeting Yockey


Thompson-Yockey Correspondence with US State Department


11 Hanged Jews

Yockey, Spengler and Russia

The Character of Russia


Der Feind Europas

Conflict Between American-Jewish and Russian Bolshevisms

‘A New Symbiosis: Europe-Russia’


Kto Kovo


Common Sense


‘Whited Sepulchres’


Bruderschaft — The Secret Brotherhood

Ami Go Home

Fraudulent Conversion?



‘The Rabbi’ on the Bench


Dementia Praecox, Paranoid Type’

‘Siberia Bill’

Lucille Miller

The Psycho-Hell of Frederick Seelig

Eustace Mullins



The Enigma of Alexander Benjamin Scharf




Ecce Homo





The World in Flames

Re-Publication of Imperium

German Edition

Mosley & Ivor Benson

Robert D Kephart — Would-Be Biographer

Belated Union Movement Appraisal



Louis T Byers and the National Youth Alliance

Professor Revilo P Oliver

The Enemy of Europe

Wilmot Robertson and Instauration

Influence on La Nouvelle Droite

Down Under and Above

Impact on the Rebirth of Odinism


Interpretations and Adaptations

Raven Thomson’s Theory of ‘Social Pathology’

Dr E. R. Cawthron: ‘The Culture as an Organism’

Willis Carto (aka Dr E. L. Anderson): ‘Cultural Dynamics’

Ronald Lee Slote: ‘Cultural Relativity’

Gerhard Lauck: ‘Blood and Soul’

‘Fascist’, ‘Imperialist’


The Front Reborn

Yockey and Thiriart

Otto Strasser


Yockey — Today and Tomorrow

Huxley-Blythe’s ‘Reappraisal’




Kerry Bolton



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