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Manifiesto por un Renacimiento Europeo by Alain de Benoist, Charles Champetier

In this short text we are offered an overview of the New Right: In less than fifty pages Alain de Benoist summarizes the New Right (Introduction), what modernity is and why it’s dying (Predicaments), based on which human institutions an alternative to the declining model of civilization should be proposed (Foundations) and the position of the New Right at the great crossroads that are presented to us at the beginning of the 21st century (Positions). Digging deeper into these issues would eviscerate the content of the manifesto, so I simply recommend that the reader get close to the original text first hand.

Political Platonism by Alexander Dugin

The works collected in this volume present Dugin’s theory of Political Platonism as a fundamental philosophical and political orientation, capable at once of reviving higher political and social forms and furnishing solid ground for resistance to the collapse of the contemporary world. His multi-perspective thesis offers a thorough and thought-provoking critique of modernity and a masterful survey of Western philosophy, reaching from before Heraclitus to beyond Heidegger.

Agitprop in America by John Harmon McElroy

John Harmon McElroy’s work of catharsis is a worthy addition to the Arktos library, and offers an original and multifaceted new approach to the subject of America’s undeniable and ongoing decay. At almost 400 pages of commentaries on numerous subjects, including a large lexicon of Cultural Marxist terms, the book certainly represents value for money and will consume many hours of study.

CBRN by Cris Millennium

Piero is the top author of books on survivalism in Europe, including Survive The Economic Collapse, Women on the Verge of a Societal Breakdown, and his latest and extremely relevant book: CBRN – Surviving Chemical, Biological, Radiological & Nuclear Events. We talked about the history of viruses and plagues, his take on the potential economic and social repercussions of the coronavirus quarantines, and his projections and recommendations on and regarding the future.

CBRN by Cris Millennium

Henrik is joined by Swiss-Italian author Piero San Giorgio to discuss the impact of the Coronavirus, preparedness, what to expect in the coming months and ultimately how to survive it. In the second hour we talk about the long-term positive effects of the virus.

Can Life Prevail? by Pentti Linkola

Very rarely does a book make you feel good about receiving bad news. Usually, there’s something you fear so much that you want anything but to face it. But if someone is able to explain in clear steps what you must do to face it, and how the other side is indeed brighter, it lessens the burden. With decreased resistance and doubt comes greater effectiveness, and you may emerge with more triumph than suspected possible. Can Life Prevail? is one such book.

Conservatism Inc. by James Kirkpatrick

Reading Conservatism Inc.: The Battle for the American Right helps solidify our knowledge of the future. It transforms certainty of defeat into a commitment to victory, realizing that attempting a Buckleyite removal of that which offends others will not work, and that we have to steam straight ahead into battle knowing that it will polarize, divide, and perhaps shatter the United States. […] A pleasant read, owing in part to its division into smaller pieces, it presents us with the type of certainty that comes from knowing what does not work, and why it was doomed, which allows us in turn to look toward the future as a place where actual conservatism can exist.

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