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Dissident Dispatches: An Alt-Right Guide to Christian Theology by Andrew Fraser

On October 17, 2017 Daniel Friberg, CEO of Arktos Media, received a letter from Wilmer Hale, a transnational law firm acting for Matt Furie.  The letter identified Mr. Furie as “the sole and exclusive owner of all intellectual property rights—including U.S. copyright—in the Pepe the Frog character, image, and name.” … The letter to Arktos demanded that they “cease and desist publicly displaying or selling any image of Pepe the Frog” in the “sale and promotion” of Dissident Dispatches.

Faustian Man in a Multicultural Age by Ricardo Duchesne

I had the chance to meet Professor Ricardo Duchesne a few years ago, before he launched the Council of Euro-Canadians blog. Thanks to his professorial approach, he made me grasp the depth of Antonio Gramsci’s thoughts and how we should use his approach if we were to have success in reversing the current dominant culture. I am not ashamed to say that this meeting was one of the most influential ones in my own intellectual development. It is why I was particularly thrilled to learn that he had decided to pen a new book, his first one since he started being involved in the Canadian Alternative Right, if we can use that term. His book Faustian Man in a Multicultural Age met my expectations.

The Consequences of Equality by Matthew Battaglioli

We begin by discussing the recently inaugurated Donald Trump. Matt tells us that he generally distrusts politicians; as such, he’s pleasantly surprised to see Trump fulfilling his promises. We then discuss Matt’s book, The Consequences of Equality. We learn that his experiences in college – in particular, discussing social issues with liberals – led him to question the notion of equality. This leads to a discussion on the history of this oft-fetishized concept; in particular, we discuss how John Locke’s ideas concerning equality are misunderstood in the modern era. The first hour also covers the Alt-Right, Bolshevism, and ends on the topic of economics and banking.

A Handbook of Traditional Living by Raido

Möchte man das Werk auf Kernthesen zusammenfassen, so ist zu sagen, dass eben eine politische Strategie oder ein bloßes metapolitisches wie ideologisches Wertegerüst keinen Konservativen alleine macht, sondern dieser auch nach gewissen Werten leben muss.  Dabei ist es sehr interessant zu sehen, welche Dinge man selbst mitbringen muss und welche vielleicht auch durch die Gemeinschaft gefördert werden können. Das Buch ist allen zu empfehlen, welche sich für konservatives Leben interessieren und vielleicht auch sogar nach einem Leuchtturm suchen.

Yockey by Kerry Bolton

A tale of international espionage, an intellectual biography, and a vivid portrait of the life and times of a brilliant political visionary, Yockey is truly an odyssey through an era. Kerry Bolton, author of numerous works on the ideology and the thinkers of the Right, here traces the twisting steps of Francis Parker Yockey, best remembered for his controversial and seminal work of political philosophy, Imperium.

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