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The Consequences of Equality by Matthew Battaglioli

We begin by discussing the recently inaugurated Donald Trump. Matt tells us that he generally distrusts politicians; as such, he’s pleasantly surprised to see Trump fulfilling his promises. We then discuss Matt’s book, The Consequences of Equality. We learn that his experiences in college – in particular, discussing social issues with liberals – led him to question the notion of equality. This leads to a discussion on the history of this oft-fetishized concept; in particular, we discuss how John Locke’s ideas concerning equality are misunderstood in the modern era. The first hour also covers the Alt-Right, Bolshevism, and ends on the topic of economics and banking.

A Handbook of Traditional Living by Raido

Möchte man das Werk auf Kernthesen zusammenfassen, so ist zu sagen, dass eben eine politische Strategie oder ein bloßes metapolitisches wie ideologisches Wertegerüst keinen Konservativen alleine macht, sondern dieser auch nach gewissen Werten leben muss.  Dabei ist es sehr interessant zu sehen, welche Dinge man selbst mitbringen muss und welche vielleicht auch durch die Gemeinschaft gefördert werden können. Das Buch ist allen zu empfehlen, welche sich für konservatives Leben interessieren und vielleicht auch sogar nach einem Leuchtturm suchen.

Yockey by Kerry Bolton

A tale of international espionage, an intellectual biography, and a vivid portrait of the life and times of a brilliant political visionary, Yockey is truly an odyssey through an era. Kerry Bolton, author of numerous works on the ideology and the thinkers of the Right, here traces the twisting steps of Francis Parker Yockey, best remembered for his controversial and seminal work of political philosophy, Imperium.

Recognitions by Julius Evola

A reading of Chapter 7 of Julius Evola’s ‘Recognitions’, now available from Arktos Publishing. …

Faustian Man in a Multicultural Age by Ricardo Duchesne

Finally, Duchesne considers geographical exploration as a useful subject matter for elucidating the Faustian spirit of Europe. Much writing on Western achievement, such as Charles Murray’s Human Accomplishment, focuses on the arts and sciences, but these are later, sublimated expressions of the primordial European heroic ambition. The history of exploration not only brings us closer to that primordial ambition; it shows up the contrast between the West and the non-West at its most stark.

Philip by Tito Perdue

In this novel, Perdue, a metaphysical writer, implicitly presents a practical question: One wonders how many Philips there are in enemy-occupied White North America; meaning those who know what we know but show little or no outward indication of it.

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