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The Long Goodbye by Vincent Joyce

A strong debut. Highly recommended. The characters are interesting and credibly portrayed … and face the same challenges as ourselves, like loss, revenge and love, which gives the story a deeper dimension … [E]xciting, and the battle scenes are deadly realistic. At the same time, the insight into Japanese culture and bushido is very much appreciated.

The Fourth Political Theory by Alexander Dugin

In this episode, I look at Russian philosopher and geopolitical strategist Alexander Dugin’s vision of a new political order to replace both liberalism and its natural culmination, post-liberalism. I mention the need to differentiate a specifically American version of the fourth political theory, moving toward a position of pragmatic eclecticism that can absorb some of the disjointed remnants of liberalism that infuse our Constitution and society.

The Sweet-Scented Manuscript by Tito Perdue

Tito Perdue is, without question, one of the most important contemporary Southern writers we have—and should certainly be considered among the most important American writers of the early 21st century. This new novel of his is an absolute delight.

Ethnic Apocalypse by Guillaume Faye

In his last book, published in 2019, Faye describes how our continent has been affected by mass immigration, and predicts a dark future for Europe and the West. If the peoples of Europe don’t simply submit to the new colonisers, Faye sees a civil war coming, that can either be won or lost.

The Sweet-Scented Manuscript by Tito Perdue

This is one to be read slowly, relishing every sentence like a rich dessert wine… this is a magical love story, cute, visceral, and absorbing, with a caliginous dreamlike atmosphere, a charismatic voice, clever dialogue, and endearing characters so real that they almost feel like personal friends. Indeed, one is almost able to inhale the distinctive air of that time and place, almost a witness to events, rather than a reader from cynical postmodernity, half a century removed… the story is told in a terrifically amusing manner, and every page is a constellation of little gems… One is sad to reach the end.

Ethnic Apocalypse by Guillaume Faye

In this episode of Interregnum, we are joined by Constantin von Hoffmeister, Johannes Scharf, and Guillaume Faye’s own French editor, Daniel Conversano, to discuss the last book which Faye finished before his death, Ethnic Apocalypse: The Coming European Civil War. We consider this book directly in the context of the social, political and ethnographic situation of various parts of Europe, and weigh the merits of Faye’s predictions.

The New Prometheans by John Bruce Leonard

Coming down on the futurist side of Archaeo-Futurism, Leonard’s The New Prometheans is committed to the re-activation of the West’s long-lost (or rather: long-dormant) Promethean archetype. In doing so, Leonard is pulling its Western readership, i.e. its non-collaborationist thinking part — now increasingly finding its way into New Right, for-ward and up-ward to the intellectual, psychological and ethical level at which the re-incarnation of that archetype becomes possible. Once a sufficient critical mass of combined thought and willpower has been achieved at that level, the West will be ready for a quantum leap forward. That will be the moment of the Archaeo-Futurist Revolution — it will augur in the Golden Dawn. The publication of The New Prometheans marks great progress towards that unimaginable moment. The New Right may rejoice over The New Prometheans’ preview of what lies beyond the present eclipse of the West.

Ethnic Apocalypse by Guillaume Faye

This book, Guillaume Faye’s last gift to us, was finished as he was dying of cancer during the winter of 2018-19. With nothing left to lose, his language became even more forceful than usual. Faye urges his fellow Frenchmen to prepare for the physical struggle he had, by the end of his life, come to see as almost impossible to avoid.

Ethnic Apocalypse by Guillaume Faye

The celebrated French far-Right intellectual Guillaume Faye passed away in March, after a long battle with cancer, but not before leaving us a literary parting shot that deserves to be a bestseller. In his final book, Faye explores the demographic, cultural, political, and military degradation of France, drawing sobering lessons for the West as a whole. The book makes a number of stark and terrifying predictions that, when all current trends are taken into consideration, have an overwhelming probability of coming to fruition.

Dissident Dispatches: An Alt-Right Guide to Christian Theology by Andrew Fraser

[Andrew Fraser] recognizes, however, that it is not enough to mourn the loss of once-secure and legitimate ethno-religious identities. Nor will politics alone save us. His book, Dissident Dispatches: An Alt-Right Guide to Christian Theology, outlines the fundamental elements of the Christian ethno-theology sorely needed if we are to halt, much less reverse, the rising tide of color.

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