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Hated and Proud by Mark Dyal

[Mark Dyal] has spent some time with the Ultras of Rome. I thought it was a brilliant book to showcase some critique against the modern world and modern football […] and a good example on how to illustrate the modern world and globohomo on one side, and tradition on the other.

Yockey by Kerry Bolton

Yockey has, of course, been written about before, but Bolton’s work is so massive and content-rich that it is certainly the most important book ever written about Yockey (or will ever be written). (Translated from Finnish)

Runes and the Origins of Writing by Alain de Benoist

The Scandinavians are suffering from memory loss. We’ve forgotten to remember who we are. […] The complex world of ideas of our ancestors is difficult to navigate in these times, but there are aids. […] In Alain de Benoist’s book, we learn of the runes and the various theories of their origins, and Benoist’s own reflections about their symbolism and applications. (Translated from Swedish)

Political Justice by Alexander J. Illingworth

In a review for Amazon entitled Move over Scruton I wrote that; ‘If, like me, you’re a liberal and looking to understand the honourable members to your right, this book is an excellent primer. Written by Alex J. Illingworth, co-founder of The Burkean political blog, the book is a concise exposition of British conservatism with the oak tree firmly rooted in Aristotelian soil.

Liberalism Unmasked by Richard Houck

Richard Houck, the author of Liberalism Unmasked joins me today for a discussion on his book about Liberalism. We also take on ethno-masochism from the left, environmentalism, and the metaphysical grounding of the family unit.

Liberalism Unmasked by Richard Houck

Clearly an optimist, the author views the election victory of Donald Trump as a significant turning point in American history, hailing the win as “a revolt against globalist policies, against open borders, against a loss of rights, a total rejection of the Liberal narrative. … The 2016 election was the start of a revolution.” If this revolution is to progress and succeed, Houck argues that the Liberal rot has been so extensive that almost every institution will have to be razed and rebuilt.

Archeofuturism by Guillaume Faye

This essay is formed by three intertwined theses. The first attempts to correlate the current global chaos with the end of modernity as a consequence of the failure from fundamentally unrealistic, egalitarian ideologies that maintain our civilization at present. (Translated from Spanish)

Liberalism Unmasked by Richard Houck

Houck has accomplished the very rare feat of being both accessible and challenging; Liberalism Unmasked doesn’t seek to preach to the converted, nor is it too esoteric, but it offers a comprehensive dismantling of each of the Left’s shibboleths. In many ways it actually reminded me of Tucker Carlson’s Ship of Fools, though where Carlson gives the benefit of the doubt to our ruling class as being merely ignorant and mediocre at best […], Houck takes the extra step and identifies the really insidious strains animating the Left.

The Real Right Returns by Daniel Friberg

Friberg’s 114-page book is a brief manual geared towards anyone who’s tired of the current political system. […]  It also lays the foundation for the ideas that the West needs to overcome its current challenges. (Translated from Finnish)

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