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On the Brink of the Abyss: The Imminent Bankruptcy of the Financial System by Alain de Benoist

In conclusion, On the Brink of the Abyss is an absolutely indispensable book for the enemies of the system. Anyone who wishes to see the return of traditional communities and a life with natural limits, must assimilate Alain de Benoist’s devastating critique of capitalism, liberalism, and globalism, and heed the call to rebellion. This is particularly necessary for those in the English speaking world who fancy themselves as radicals, yet still operate according to the logic of the market that is so dominant in those nations. There can be no compromise with capital, it is the part of the world that we must bring to an end. He has clearly shown us where the enemies stand, and where we must take aim.

Ethnos and Society by Alexander Dugin

Whereas The Fourth Political Theory tells us to return to pre-modernity in order to protect our Dasein (narod), Ethnos and Society shows us how the preconditions for a return to pre-modernity work. Therefore, Ethnos and Society, is not only important to better understand the work of professor Dugin, but also in order to fight post-modernity to the last blood. If one doesn’t let oneself be scared off by the theoretical depth of this book, it’ll greatly improve one’s understanding of the current processes of globalization, decadence and the Great Replacement. This book is exactly what all the right-wing populist parties in Europe would need in order to change their policies of fake populism and realize what is really necessary to revive European identity.

Yockey: A Fascist Odyssey by Kerry Bolton

[T]here was never much information on Francis Parker Yockey, so for a book like this to come out, finally, after all these years, it really is a treat. Almost like a holy grail to Yockey fans, especially for those who’ve read Imperium. This book is very well researched. […] In fact, I would recommend you to read this book first, before going into Imperium.

Sex and Deviance by Guillaume Faye

Overall, [Sex and Deviance] is a very interesting book. […] Faye touches on almost every aspect of the subject [of sex and relationships], which means that even if you do not agree with him on everything, you get the opportunity to develop a comprehensive alternative. (Translated from Swedish)

Yockey: A Fascist Odyssey by Kerry Bolton

Overall, Bolton’s effort is superior to that of Coogan in the all-important categories of content and organization; […] It says much (nothing good) about the “American scene” that Yockey is essentially ignored, while the likes of Pierce, Rockwell, and “Robertson” are lionized. […] Perhaps Yockey was too good for us, after all.

Kärringstaten by Lars Holger Holm

Kärringstaten täcker i allt väsentligt in två dimensioner av den svenska tillvaron: Den kulturella och den politiska, vilka också är tätt sammanflätade med varandra. […] Jag rekommenderar den här boken som en bildad och underhållande sågning av den svenska eliten och dess ideologi.

Kärringstaten by Lars Holger Holm

Holm tar också upp sådant som hur storkapitalet finansierat feminismen och liknande rörelser, samt behovet både av europeisk solidaritet och en manlighetens renässans. Han går också på djupet i feminismens psykologi, här för hans resonemang tankarna till Nietzsches ressentiment redan genom titeln på avsnittet (Den underlägsnes överlevnadsstrategi som ett resultat av offrets psykologi). Det är kort sagt en på samma gång underhållande och värdefull skildring av Sverige 2015, som varje systemkritiker bör läsa.

Travels in Cultural Nihilism by Stephen Pax Leonard

Reading Leonard’s description of Swedish radio even makes one forgive the BBC for its shortcomings. P1, the equivalent of Radio 4, is described as something akin to an endless edition of Woman’s Hour with discussions on topics such as “Does God Hate Women?” and “Are Farmers Homophobic?”. One cannot turn for relief to P2 (the equivalent of Radio 3) in the two hours a day in which it broadcasts in Somali.


Lance Kennedy nous propose une approche renouvelée des problèmes européens et écossais. Supranational Union and New Medievialism, Forging a New Scottish State appelle à réfléchir sur un nouvel ordre européen tel qu’il fût en Europe pendant la période médiévale (avant l’instauration du système westphalien au XVIIe siècle). Une Europe cimentée par des valeurs communes.

Dissident Dispatches by Andrew Fraser

Arktos quickly replaced the Bishop Pepe cover with the Excalibur meme, but Furie’s lawyers persisted in their legal action.  They claimed whatever profits Arktos earned from the sale of all copies of Dissident Dispatches with Bishop Pepe on the cover.  In the real world, of course, few people decided to buy my book, having judged it by its uproariously amusing cover (or, to be frank, for any other reason).  In fact, one reviewer, whose opinion I respect greatly, remarked that he was disinclined at first to read the book, just because of its cartoonish cover.  The commercially trivial amount at stake in Furie’s copyright claim makes it obvious that the artist was but a stalking horse for powerful ethno-political interests pursuing an altogether different agenda.

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