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The New Prometheans by John Bruce Leonard

Coming down on the futurist side of Archaeo-Futurism, Leonard’s The New Prometheans is committed to the re-activation of the West’s long-lost (or rather: long-dormant) Promethean archetype. In doing so, Leonard is pulling its Western readership, i.e. its non-collaborationist thinking part — now increasingly finding its way into New Right, for-ward and up-ward to the intellectual, psychological and ethical level at which the re-incarnation of that archetype becomes possible. Once a sufficient critical mass of combined thought and willpower has been achieved at that level, the West will be ready for a quantum leap forward. That will be the moment of the Archaeo-Futurist Revolution — it will augur in the Golden Dawn. The publication of The New Prometheans marks great progress towards that unimaginable moment. The New Right may rejoice over The New Prometheans’ preview of what lies beyond the present eclipse of the West.

Ethnic Apocalypse by Guillaume Faye

This book, Guillaume Faye’s last gift to us, was finished as he was dying of cancer during the winter of 2018-19. With nothing left to lose, his language became even more forceful than usual. Faye urges his fellow Frenchmen to prepare for the physical struggle he had, by the end of his life, come to see as almost impossible to avoid.

Ethnic Apocalypse by Guillaume Faye

The celebrated French far-Right intellectual Guillaume Faye passed away in March, after a long battle with cancer, but not before leaving us a literary parting shot that deserves to be a bestseller. In his final book, Faye explores the demographic, cultural, political, and military degradation of France, drawing sobering lessons for the West as a whole. The book makes a number of stark and terrifying predictions that, when all current trends are taken into consideration, have an overwhelming probability of coming to fruition.

Dissident Dispatches: An Alt-Right Guide to Christian Theology by Andrew Fraser

[Andrew Fraser] recognizes, however, that it is not enough to mourn the loss of once-secure and legitimate ethno-religious identities. Nor will politics alone save us. His book, Dissident Dispatches: An Alt-Right Guide to Christian Theology, outlines the fundamental elements of the Christian ethno-theology sorely needed if we are to halt, much less reverse, the rising tide of color.

Iranian Leviathan by Jason Reza Jorjani

Here he presents a narrative concerning the possible Scythian/Iranian origin of Buddhism. He points out that the appelation “Sakamuni” is a likely reference to Gautama’s Scythian origins. His bold hypothesis suggests that Gautama is one and the same with Lao Tzu, the ostensible founder of Taoism. Further Jorjani suggests that Gautama may have also been the magus, Gaumata, who briefly ruled the Achaemenid Persian empire. Fundamentally, he sees Buddhism as a refutation of Zoroastrian thought.

Race Differences in Ethnocentrism by Edward Dutton

Having explored the genetic dimensions, Dutton turns to the environment. He argues that the Industrial Revolution led to the gradual collapse of Darwinian selection in the West. This has resulted in the collapse of environmental stress and morality salience, which elevate ethnocentric instincts and also religiousness. Religiousness, he shows, itself predicts ethnocentrism.

Political Platonism by Alexander Dugin

The Arktos publishing house continues its cultural work by publishing more high-quality translations of the texts of the Russian political scientist and writer Alexander Dugin. […]  After reading Political Platonism, it is difficult to understand why Dugin is still being slandered and called a “fascist”, and even a “racist” by the Western media. (Translated from Finnish)

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