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Prof. McElroy has written a book that could be a good first step in the education of a baffled former liberal.

In this short text we are offered an overview of the New Right: In less than fifty pages Alain de Benoist summarizes the New Right (Introduction), what modernity is and why it’s dying (Predicaments), based on which human institutions an alternative to the declining model of civilization should be proposed (Foundations) and the position of the New Right at the great crossroads that are presented to us at the beginning of the 21st century (Positions). Digging deeper into these issues would eviscerate the content of the manifesto, so I simply recommend that the reader get close to the original text first hand.

The works collected in this volume present Dugin’s theory of Political Platonism as a fundamental philosophical and political orientation, capable at once of reviving higher political and social forms and furnishing solid ground for resistance to the collapse of the contemporary world. His multi-perspective thesis offers a thorough and thought-provoking critique of modernity and a masterful survey of Western philosophy, reaching from before Heraclitus to beyond Heidegger.

Arktos Journal

Arktos Journal


This list is updated on a monthly basis.

Father of Radical Traditionalism.

Who Are We?



Beginning with Heidegger by Michael Millerman

Editing 100%
Cover Design 50%
Layout 75%

Sigmund (vol. I) by Henrik Jonasson

Editing 100%
Cover Design 50%
Layout 50%

A Handbook of Traditional Living, vol. II: Style & Ascesis by Raido

Editing 100%
Cover Design 50%
Layout 90%

Decline of the West by Oswald Spengler

Editing 75%
Cover Design 50%
Layout 25%

Other upcoming titles

Before the War by Guillaume Faye, Einheitliche Architekturtheorie by Nikos Salingaros, Rogue House on the Hill by Leonid Savin, Power and Hierarchy by Julius Evola ...

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