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I highly recommend this book to people of all political persuasions who want an inside look into the movement and not just the media spin. Paul Ramsey, Popular Vlogger and Political Commentator

The authors of this book remind us of the age-old Western wisdom: the iron laws of race and heredity cannot be wished away. They will soon determine a new cycle in Western history. Dr. Tomislav Sunic, World-Renowned Author and Diplomat

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If you often view your fellow human beings as “savages,” you’ll find good company in Linkola’s thoughts. ... [O]verall he presents a rational argument for leaving behind the “progress”-driven, consumerism-based lifestyle that is destroying not only the land and animals of the earth, but the souls of its people.

The Arktos team is joined by Mark Dyal to discuss his up-and-coming book, “Hated and Proud” — an analysis, at once scholarly and deeply visceral, of the time he spent amongst the Ultras of Rome. Join us for a lively conversation about soccer, violence, political extremism, and the vital importance of living one’s ideas in the flesh, with a man who found his life utterly changed after a sojourn with the hardcore fans of Italian soccer.

Among the deserving and hardly manageable compilations released by publishers [...] within the Alt-Right during the last years, A Fair Hearing makes for an extraordinary merit — especially because of its aiming at an interested, yet outside audience instead of the usual promotion of disputes within the "scene."

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Manifesto for a European Renaissance by Alain de Benoist and Charles Champetier (Audiobook)

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The Mask and Face of Contemporary Spiritualism by Julius Evola

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Ethnosociology by Alexander Dugin

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Political Platonism by Alexander Dugin

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