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Reviews and Mentions

In general terms, this essay aims at a Traditionalist ‘exegesis’ of Chapter 6 (‘Aryan Empire’) of Jason Jorjani’s work World State of Emergency. More specifically, it aims at elucidating the ‘Aryan Archetypes’ that Jorjani has unearthed from the older strata of Persian Tradition by expanding on their meta-historical context and by re-viewing them through the prism of Traditionalist symbolic hermeneutics.

All of this brings me back to the conclusion of Kevin MacDonald’s Culture of Critique, where MacDonald questions whether Europeans will be able to maintain their way of life or whether they will be forced to adopt the methods of highly ethnocentric competitors. There is certainly an element of sadness to the latter. Richard Storey’s “Reactionary Manifesto” offers some light at the end of the tunnel.

Linkola lives the life he advocates for others. Until retirement he lived off of fishing from a rowing boat and selling the catch, traveling by horse and cart. He lives a simple life in a cabin in the forest without running water, car or a computer. [...] He is passionate about the preservation of life and biodiversity. [...] The most concrete result of his activism is the founding of the Finnish Foundation for Natural Heritage. Through this, forest land is purchased in Finland to preserve and protect it from exploitation. (Translated from Swedish)

Arktos Journal

Arktos Journal


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Former Crown Prince of the French New Right.

It is with great sadness that we have learned of the passing this night (March 7) of Guillaume Faye. Though men of his calibre and courage can never live long enough, his name will not vanish with its bearer: Faye will be long remembered in the quality, vision, breadth and vividness of his words. His work has educated some of the best of today’s youths, who may well come to live the catastrophes that he foresaw and attempted to warn us against.

Faye sacrificed many things, including toward the end his health itself, for the future of Europe. His work was tireless and he never spared himself. Then may he rest in peace.

Father of Radical Traditionalism.

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Before the War by Guillaume Faye, Decline of the West by Oswald Spengler, Ethnocentrism by Ed Dutton, Lee by Tito Perdue...

Audiobook editions of Metaphysics of War by Julius Evola and Rising from the Ruins by Joakim Andersen.

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