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This list is updated on a monthly basis.

Guillaume Faye (1949–2019)

Former Crown Prince of the French New Right.

Abir Taha

Diplomat, thinker, writer, and poet.

Reviews and Mentions

The Real Right Returns is an introduction to metapolitics, and can be recommended to anyone who's new to the ideas of the New Right. Friberg lays out his vision for Europe and how it can be achieved metapolitically in a concise way.

The Arktos publishing house continues its cultural work by publishing more high-quality translations of the texts of the Russian political scientist and writer Alexander Dugin. [...]  After reading Political Platonism, it is difficult to understand why Dugin is still being slandered and called a "fascist", and even a "racist" by the Western media. (Translated from Finnish)

Edward Dutton the Jolly Heretic joins Henrik to discuss his latest book “Race Differences in Ethnocentrism.” In part two we discuss being a heretic in the current academic climate and his book on the rape scandal in Oulu, Finland.

Who Are We?

Tor Westman

Chief Marketing Officer

Martin Locker

Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Charles Lyons

Chief Administrative Officer



The Sweet-Scented Manuscript by Tito Perdue

Editing 100%
Cover Design 90%
Layout 100%

Conservatism Inc. by James Kirkpatrick

Editing 100%
Cover Design 50%
Layout 75%

Svenska folkets underbara öden (Band V) by Carl Grimberg

Editing and Proofreading 100%
Cover Design 75%
Layout 50%

Other upcoming titles

Before the War by Guillaume Faye, Decline of the West by Oswald Spengler...

Audiobook edition of Why We Fight by Guillaume Faye.

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