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James Kirkpatrick, columnist for and The Social Contract Quarterly, spent years within a conservative movement that now has no place for him, but readers of his new book Conservatism Inc. will be the beneficiaries of their folly. No one knows that gutless, cowardly gang of careerists better than he does. […] The pieces are short and punchy, ideal especially for younger readers getting up to speed on America’s current situation and the nationalist response.

I started reading Conservatism Inc. in the midst of the “Groyper Wars,” in which young men on the Dissident Right publicly confronted conservative figures such as Charlie Kirk, Ben Shapiro, Matt Walsh, and Dan Crenshaw — Conservative Inc. to a man — during their college speaking tours. Questions about race, immigration, and demographic change left these men sputtering about “racism” and “white nationalism,” and sounding just like the leftists they are supposedly fighting.

A strong debut. Highly recommended. The characters are interesting and credibly portrayed … and face the same challenges as ourselves, like loss, revenge and love, which gives the story a deeper dimension … [E]xciting, and the battle scenes are deadly realistic. At the same time, the insight into Japanese culture and bushido is very much appreciated.


This list is updated on a monthly basis.

‘Without question, one of the most important
contemporary Southern writers we have.’
New York Press

Former Crown Prince of the French New Right.

Who Are We?



Man and Technics by Oswald Spengler (Audiobook)

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Conservatism Inc. by James Kirkpatrick (Audiobook)

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Recording 100%
Post-Production 100%

The Blackening of Europe (vol. 1) by Clare Ellis

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Cover Design 75%
Layout 75%

Decline of the West by Oswald Spengler

Editing 50%
Cover Design 20%
Layout 0%

Other upcoming titles

Before the War by Guillaume Faye, Agitprop in America by John H. McElroy, CBRN by Piero San Giorgio  ...

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