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Reviews and Mentions

In this novel, Perdue, a metaphysical writer, implicitly presents a practical question: One wonders how many Philips there are in enemy-occupied White North America; meaning those who know what we know but show little or no outward indication of it.

— Guest

Venner’s abstractions about the goals of the revolution are in contrast to the concreteness of his revolutionary methods. He wrote, first of all, that there must be a clear, coherent doctrine. This motivates activists and wins over waverers. The doctrine must be simple and convincing enough to unite all revolutionaries. Venner writes that activists fail to act in unison because their doctrine is unclear: “Revolutionary unity is impossible without unity of doctrine;” “the development of new doctrine is the only answer to the divisions between activists.”

This book is a call for a return to origins, to nature, and the rural basis of life; the suppressed foundation of “blood and soil,” for an ecology that nobody of the Green-Left could comprehend let alone write. It is a valuable contribution to the conservative-revolution that shows the anti-capitalist character intrinsic to any such revolt, and the conservative character of anything genuinely revolutionary.

Journeying through this troubled intersection of politics and culture, Travels in Cultural Nihilism might make the reader cry, fume, and even laugh. By the end, though, such contradictory reactions seem salutary and necessary, matching the spirit of the times, and perhaps even adding up to an enlightening journey we all need to experience.

— Dr. Aspen Brinton
University of Virginia
Travels in Cultural Nihilism

Zum Beleg fokussiert das Damenpaar vom Bevölkerungschen Beobachter den Schweden Daniel Friberg, seines Zeichens Leiter des Arktos-Verlags. Nun kenne ich den ein bißchen besser als das ZDF; Friberg ist mitnichten »in Schweden vorbestraft wegen Körperverletzung und Volksverhetzung«, sondern wurde lediglich aufgrund einer Publikation über Ausländerkriminalität wegen "Rassismus" angezeigt und vor Gericht freigesprochen.

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Yockey: A Fascist Odyssey by Kerry Bolton

Editing 100 %
Cover Design 100 %
Layout 90 %


Generation Identity by Markus Willinger

Soon available!

Recording 100 %
Post-Production 100 %
Cover Design 100 %

Svenska folkets underbara öden: Gustav II Adolfs, Kristinas och Karl X Gustavs tid (Band III) by Carl Grimberg

Editing 100 %
Cover Design 75 %
Layout 75 %

Political Platonism by Alexander Dugin

Translation 100 %
Editing 100 %
Cover Design 50 %
Layout 90 %

The Bent Pyramid by Tito Perdue

Editing 100 %
Cover Design 100 %
Layout 25 %
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