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Slide Europe: An Empire of 400 Million

Jean Thiriart

Jean Thiriart was a true prophet of the coming age of empires and continental multipolarity. He foreshadowed a conservative European Union by decades, arguing that such a supranational organization would be necessary to crush outmoded nationalisms, which only lead to disunity and eventual fratricidal slaughter.



Slide II. Style & Ascesis A Handbook of Traditional Living


The second volume of A Handbook of Traditional Living continues the project of the first: to resurrect perennial values for a Traditionalist lifestyle in an anti-Traditional world, and to provide concrete and desperately needed advice for those who wish to break free of the spell of a deadening and desert-like modernity.


Slide A Handbook for Right-Wing Youth

Julius Evola

A Handbook for Right-Wing Youth consists of essays selected from throughout Evola’s lifetime, but most especially from the post-war era, when youth across the Western world had thrown their societies into chaos with protests, civil unrest, and by defying conventional mores.


Slide Giuseppe: A Survival Story

Piero San Giorgio

With a colorful cast of unexpectedly gentle German guards, helpful Red Army soldiers and generous American GIs, as well as avaricious looters and savage rapists, the book describes the odyssey of an Italian soldier trying to make his way home through a ravaged country.



Slide Guillaume Faye: Truths & Tributes

Pierre Krebs, Robert Steuckers, Pierre-Émile Blairon et. al.

In this book, important personages from the Right pay tribute to Faye’s outstanding career as a speaker, writer and pro-European activist. Foreword by Jared Taylor.



Slide Faustian Futurist

Jason Reza Jorjani

Nikolai Alexandrov (1947–1980), the protagonist of this tale, is a
New Yorker of questionable ‘Russian’ ancestry, who recalls his past lives
as Nikola Tesla and as an Atlantean.



Slide Rebirth of Europe

Ruuben Kaalep and August Meister

By skillfully using our ancestral heritage as a guiding beacon, we can
orient ourselves on the path towards the cosmos and the quantum
space beyond, utilizing all available scientific methods to improve
ourselves and our ability to break new ground, wherever our spirit
might lead us.



Slide Gods in the Abyss

Askr Svarte

How can we find stability in the Night of the World? How can we anchor ourselves in the void of existence, the great nothingness of the endless dark plain ahead of us? The new voices of the old Gods can be heard from afar, beckoning us back into the fold of the folk. Where will we wander?



Essays on Heidegger, the Germanic Logos & the Germanic Myth


Julius Evola

Father of Radical Traditionalism.

Reviews and Mentions

This book is mostly insane. But not completely.

This is the Weimar Republic, to which present-day America is often analogized. Whatever the accuracy of that comparison, and despite the present treason by today’s Democrats similar to that of the Communists of 1919, our society bears very little resemblance to that Germany where, as von Salomon says, “everything was possible and nothing was certain.” We may yet get there, perhaps in November, but our wealthy, aged, risk-averse, feminized society is a very far cry from the chaotic early 1920s ferment in which von Salomon grew up fast. Still, it is worth knowing how men think in a society in chaos, especially a Western society in chaos, even one quite different from 2020 America.

Retroculture contains some pithy criticisms of contemporary culture along with a number of useful tips for individual and familial living while waxing nostalgic for times past. It might be a good suggested reading or gift for an older mainstream friend or relative.


This list is updated on a monthly basis.

Guillaume Faye (1949–2019)

Former Crown Prince of the French New Right.

Who Are We?



Power and Hierarchy by Julius Evola

Translation 100%
Editing 100%
Cover Design 75%
Layout 100%

Decline of the West by Oswald Spengler

Editing 90%
Cover Design 50%
Layout 50%

Breached Enclosure by Petr Hampl

Translation 100%
Editing 100%
Cover Design 75%
Layout 90%

The Outlaws by Ernst von Salomon (Audiobook)

Recording 100%
Post-Production 100%

Other upcoming titles

Prelude to War by Guillaume Faye, Einheitliche Architekturtheorie by Nikos Salingaros, Rogue House on the Hill by Leonid Savin...

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