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Slide Traders and Heroes

Werner Sombart

Published in 1915 during World War I, Traders and Heroes is an insightful and concise treatise on the differences in national character between the English and the Germans. The bourgeois trade mentality of the English clashes with the heroic and sacrificial one of the Germans. While the former only desire individual enrichment and creating the necessary global preconditions for it, the latter crave unity with the folk in life and death ...



Patriotic Reflections

Slide How Europe Became American

Hans Vogel

Hans Vogel’s How Europe Became American is a perfect step-by-step summary of how the Old Continent turned into a clone of the New World.



Slide Journey to a Location

Tito Perdue

Journey to a Location, in an interesting blend of dystopian novel-cum-memoir, peppered with unpredictable streams of consciousness, tells the story of Lee’s journey to a city in his home state.



Slide Rupes Nigra

Alexander Wolfheze

Rupes Nigra provides an Archaeo-Futurist diagnosis of the impending — rather ongoing — Downfall of the West. Its twelve essays ‘count down’ from large to small: from ‘hard’ geopolitics, through ‘permeable’ socio-anthropology and ‘soft’ metapolitics, to ‘abstract’ metanarratives.



An Archaeo-Futurist Countdown in Twelve Essays

Slide Svenska folkets underbara öden

Carl Gustaf Grimberg

I det sjunde bandet av Svenska folkets underbara öden får läsaren följa med till den flärdfulla gustavianska tiden. Den inleds av Gustav III löftesfulla statsvälvning, som gjorde slut på närmare ett sekel av partivälde och splittring, men den avslutas av ett av svensk historias mest tragiska ögonblick — förlusten av den östra rikshalvan.

READ MORE $46.50 Gustav III:s och Gustav IV Adolfs tid (Band VII)
Slide Listen on Spotify Fara


From the dark depths of our volksgeist comes the power of Vendelheim’s album Fara, in a strong alloy of Old Norse culture and contemporary electronica.

Slide Breached Enclosure

Petr Hampl

Petr Hampl’s Breached Enclosure describes the decline of the West as a direct result of a Kafkaesque process of increasing bureaucratization. The elite and the managerial class implement suicidal policies, not because they are evil, but because they want to increase their organizations’ budgets and power.



Why the West Is Being Defeated by Islam but Might Still Come Out Okay

Slide Prelude to War

Guillaume Faye

Guillaume Faye’s Prelude to War is a potent indictment of terminally decadent and hopelessly apathetic Europeans. Because of utter indifference and through skillful brainwashing by the corrupt elites, they seem resigned to their fate, namely subjugation under the merciless heel of Islam and flooding by the Third World, and thus eventual extinction in a sea of ravening masses.



Chronicle of the Coming Cataclysm

Slide The Outlaws

Ernst von Salomon

It is November 1918. Germany has just surrendered after four years of the most savage warfare in history. It is teetering on the brink of total social and economic collapse, and the German people now lie at the mercy of new liberal politicians who despise everything Germany once stood for...



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Reviews and Mentions

While Lee‘s critique of modernity seems to be deadly serious, Perdue offers a marvelous black comedy that is sometimes as astringent as John Yount’s Toots in Solitude. A promising debut.

Rebirth of Europe is a refreshing and optimistic document that punches well above its weight for a book of such modest length. It has a depth, breadth, and clarity of philosophical understanding that is often rare in texts of this nature, and it is thought-provoking to say the least. The issues that it raises demand attention, and further action, by anyone concerned with the ethnonationalist cause.

Alba Rosa is a literary gold mine, located at the intersection of Identitarianism and Traditionalism: Wolfheze analyses of the Kali Yuga, the Mors Triumphalis and the Christian Katechon, incorporates Peter Sloterdijk and analyzes the political landscape of the Netherlands. For all those defending our peoples and our civilization and all those that seek to reconnect with their traditions and deeper sources, Alba Rosa is compulsory reading.


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Julius Evola

Father of Radical Traditionalism.

Guillaume Faye (1949–2019)

Former Crown Prince of the French New Right.

Who Are We?

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The Theory of a Multipolar World by Alexander Dugin

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Decline of the West by Oswald Spengler

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The True West vs the Zombie Apocalypse by John K. Press

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Other upcoming titles

Einheitliche Architekturtheorie by Nikos Salingaros, Rogue House on the Hill by Leonid Savin, Jihad Bubba by Glenn Lazar Roberts, The Perversion of Normality by Kerry Bolton, Return of the Solar King by John MacLugash...

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