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Slide The Perversion of Normality

Kerry Bolton

In The Perversion of Normality, with full and reliable documentation, Kerry Bolton examines the anti-life character of the ‘progressive’ era. While arising from an historical process, certain movements and ideologies have been deliberately constructed to take advantage of the West’s social decay to create a brave new world.



From the Marquis de Sade to Cyborgs

Slide Volume II: Perspectives of World-History $34.50 The Decline of the West

Oswald Spengler


Volume I: Form & Actuality
Slide AUDIOBOOK Metaphysics of Power

Julius Evola

Metaphysics of Power is a collection of Julius Evola’s powerfully argued articles organised into areas key to Evola’s thought: the State, Education, Family, Liberty & Duty, Monarchy, Empire, Modern Society, and Aristocracy.


Slide Banned The Theory of a Multipolar World

Alexander Dugin

The Theory of a Multipolar World is a cheerful and optimistic view of a future in which humanity will reach its highest development. However, it will not be the uniform humanity pictured by the globalizing schemers and manipulators.



Slide Traders and Heroes

Werner Sombart

Published in 1915 during World War I, Traders and Heroes is an insightful and concise treatise on the differences in national character between the English and the Germans.



Patriotic Reflections

Slide How Europe Became American

Hans Vogel

Hans Vogel’s How Europe Became American is a perfect step-by-step summary of how the Old Continent turned into a clone of the New World.



Slide Journey to a Location

Tito Perdue

Journey to a Location, in an interesting blend of dystopian novel-cum-memoir, peppered with unpredictable streams of consciousness, tells the story of Lee’s journey to a city in his home state.



Slide Rupes Nigra

Alexander Wolfheze

Rupes Nigra provides an Archaeo-Futurist diagnosis of the impending — rather ongoing — Downfall of the West. Its twelve essays ‘count down’ from large to small: from ‘hard’ geopolitics, through ‘permeable’ socio-anthropology and ‘soft’ metapolitics, to ‘abstract’ metanarratives.



An Archaeo-Futurist Countdown in Twelve Essays

Slide Svenska folkets underbara öden

Carl Gustaf Grimberg

I det sjunde bandet av Svenska folkets underbara öden får läsaren följa med till den flärdfulla gustavianska tiden. Den inleds av Gustav III löftesfulla statsvälvning, som gjorde slut på närmare ett sekel av partivälde och splittring, men den avslutas av ett av svensk historias mest tragiska ögonblick — förlusten av den östra rikshalvan.

READ MORE $46.50 Gustav III:s och Gustav IV Adolfs tid (Band VII)

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Reviews and Mentions

The best chapter of the book is Resisters or Histrions, where Faye fires well-deserved salvos at the inept and defeatist Right, its weakness and incompetence compared to the ever-victorious Left, and, in addition to once again mocking the “ethnopluralists” and those obsessed with “metapolitics” instead of real political action, Faye also chides those European activists who have obsessed over American “race-based IQ comparisons” …

Reading Faye, one is shocked at his lack of concern for France’s speech laws, a disregard that led to a number of appearances in court. Faye was courageous and bold, and his ideas are often bumpy and uneven, but always sincere. Perhaps the best reason to read Faye is that, despite his penchant for a coming apocalypse, he was an optimist. One can therefore read Faye to be encouraged. He closed this volume, after all, with the words: “Do not despair.”

While Lee‘s critique of modernity seems to be deadly serious, Perdue offers a marvelous black comedy that is sometimes as astringent as John Yount’s Toots in Solitude. A promising debut.


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Julius Evola

Father of Radical Traditionalism.

Guillaume Faye (1949–2019)

Former Crown Prince of the French New Right.

Who Are We?

Jason Rogers

Translator and Editor

Tor Westman

Chief Marketing Officer

Constantin von Hoffmeister

Translator and Editor

Roger Adwan

Chief Translator and Editor



The True West vs the Zombie Apocalypse by John K. Press

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