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Arktos, which has been in existence for thirteen years, has never requested donations before. However, we are now asking for financial assistance for the first time to rebuild our distribution to its former state, transform our journal into a complete media operation, and bring our other grand plans to fruition.

One-time donations

One-time donations can be made through our online shop, here.

Recurring donations

Become an Arktos Member here.


Creating your crypto wallet

To donate with cryptocurrencies, we offer two options: Bitcoin and Monero. Bitcoin is more widely used and easier to handle, whereas Monero is the best choice for privacy. If you are unsure how to make bitcoin donations while protecting your privacy, Monero should be used.

To begin, acquire an offline wallet capable of handling various cryptocurrencies. We recommend using Exodus, which can be downloaded at It is secure, private, and can hold numerous cryptocurrencies, including Monero and Bitcoin.

How to buy crypto

The next step is to purchase some crypto and transfer it to your wallet. Choose the cryptocurrency you want to buy, go to Exodus, and click “receive” to show your wallet address (a lengthy character string with a QR code). This is the address to use when purchasing crypto.

There are several websites and methods for buying crypto, but is the most convenient place to buy Monero and BTC with a debit/credit card. Click the Visa/MasterCard symbol in the bottom left corner of their website, and on the following page, choose the cryptocurrency you want to buy. We recommend selecting XMR (Monero) for privacy, but BTC (Bitcoin) can also be purchased.

Enter your Monero wallet address (or BTC wallet address if you are purchasing BTC) in the recipient field and select the amount you want to buy in USD or XMR/BTC. Confirm the purchase, and the cryptocurrency will arrive in your wallet shortly.

How to donate crypto

Finally, if you have some crypto in your wallet and want to donate it to us, go to your wallet (such as Exodus), choose the cryptocurrency you want to send, fill in the amount, and copy/paste our wallet address, which can be found below, for the currency you wish to send. The donation will reach us almost immediately, and no one, including us, will ever know who sent it unless you want us to.

Donate Bitcoin

Bitcoin address:

Donate Monero

Monero address: