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Are you interested in carrying Arktos’ titles in your online or brick-and-mortar book store? Our prices for bulk customers are competitive, and our latest bulk catalogue can be found here.

All you need to do is write an e-mail to bulk [a-t], briefly informing us about the nature and name of your business, including the names and the quantities of the titles you would like to order.

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Bulk Discounts

Qty Discount
5–24 40 %
25–50 45 %
50– 50 %

Payment & Shipping

Bank transfer

Worldwide shipping

We do not accept cheque payments.

Arktos Collections

The ideal solution both for the professional bookseller and the private Arktos retailer, the dedicated collector and the curious mind, Arktos Collections bring you the foremost Arktos titles and authors, organised in thematic groups and sold at competitive prices.

Arktos Community Retailers

With Arktos Collections, you don’t have to be a professional bookseller to sell Arktos titles. Whether you would like to spread some of the most challenging ideas in literature today, placing yourself at Arktos’ avant-garde, or whether you are simply a student or private individual looking to make a little money on the side, Arktos Collections give you the possibility to become an active participant in Arktos’ sales project.

Contact us at bulk [at] for more information on how to become an Arktos Community Retailer.

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