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Barbaric Disciple explores the concept of shared purpose in American society, examining historical examples of collective endeavors and explaining why modern-day Americans are floundering in their quest for true community.

Growing up in the modern United States, you’re told you need to do what you love. What is your passion? What is your calling? What is your purpose? Why were you put upon this earth? These conversations are tailored toward the individual, usually the student or, in some cases, the person just looking for a way out of the drudgery. The “finding your calling” phenomenon created the perfect storm for the rise of internet self-help gurus. It also helped guidance counselors convince students to make unwise life decisions. In many ways, it is just more evidence of Oswald Spengler’s Decline.

Did your ancestors have as hard a time figuring out their calling as you did? What about the Americans of the last couple of generations? Why do so many people today just don’t know what they want to do? Could it be that we’ve entered the hard days? Can today’s Americans lay claim to living in the hardest and darkest days of our country’s history? Were there harder times in the history of the United States? Absolutely.

The hardest time we’ve been through in recent years was the global War on Terror. In twenty years (2001-2021), 2,402 Americans died in this conflict. Compare this to Vietnam where 58,220 Americans died. Go back further to the Second World War which saw 418,500 Americans dead. The War Between the States saw 620,000 dead. The Americans of today are not going through hard times. You can argue that we are going through the easiest times in our history.

Yet today, the United States – socially – appears to be at a breaking point. There is no common ground between left and right. Right and left vehemently oppose each other at a level where the idea of reconciliation seems bleak. There are, of course, many factors beyond war and death that affect the feelings of a people. The biggest factor in the equation is what I hinted at in the beginning: PURPOSE. Not the purpose of the individual, but the collective purpose of a people. Americans today don’t have a shared purpose which gives the whole the sense that what we’re going through now cannot last, no matter how comfortable the times are.

What you see happening to Americans is the same appeasement strategy used by the Allies against Hitler, only this time it’s Americans making appeasements to hostile leftists.

Pile onto the lack of shared purpose all the other issues both sides are fighting over today. Unprotected borders, millions of immigrants, the gays, corporate and government overreach, and at the foundational level, the destruction of families. Yeah, these are the easiest times to be an American when you view it from the surface, but when you peel back the layers, you see why the societal tension feels like it’s going to boil over. Will it boil over? The smart answer is no. The strategy of this regime is death by a thousand cuts. It’s true that they’ve gotten bolder in the last decade, but the cuts are always small and minor. Not enough to chimp out over. If you didn’t revolt against the last hundred cuts, why would you rebel against one more small cut?

The Appeasement of Leftism

What you see happening to Americans is the same appeasement strategy used by the Allies against Hitler, only this time it’s Americans making appeasements to hostile leftists. Every kid in America learns about appeasement in history class. Maybe this is for a reason, to help forge new intolerant leftists who will attack anything that’s not them. They are instilled with this fear that if they don’t stop the White Man here and now, the next Hitler will come. Americans, however, appease, appease, appease. Our recent history is a testament to the slippery slope.

How did we get here? A better question is: where do we go from here? You can’t change what’s been done. You can only go forward. You have to deal with the world as it is, not how you want it to be. The conservative strategy of appeasement has brought us to this point. It’s best to leave “conservatism” behind; the conservative has conserved nothing.

People vote in their self-interest, always. Foreigners will always vote for our enemies because it’s in their self-interest. In most cases, their beliefs aren’t aligned with our enemies, but by voting for them, their situations improve. Most peoples have these survival instincts ingrained into them – Americans, however, have been so psychologically dominated by this tyrannical ideology, at least half of our people don’t have basic survival instincts. This subverted half is driven instead toward self-destruction of not only themselves but their race. They’ve been subverted to such an extent that they lost all conception of survival. Their solutions are so contradictory, they defy all common sense.

They tell you we don’t need firearms. Firearms are responsible for school shootings. Only the police and military should have guns. By the way, the police are also corrupt pigs who are racist toward people of color, but yes, Americans should not have “weapons of war.” They believe everyone should be all about peace and love. If you remove all weapons, there can only be paradise. No more school shootings. No more police brutality. It wouldn’t cross their minds that someone would want to capitalize on such a situation.

Americans were the last race forced back into nature. They were exiled from the old world and put into the new one with a vast, unknown frontier before them.

There’s no reasoning with these people, but conservatives still try, with all their might, to do so while making every concession possible. It’s as if conservatives just want to be liked. Conservatives will talk about their principles and values, but yield to their ideological opponents at every given opportunity. Many conservatives hold onto the ideas passed down to us in the American founding, but they also extend the franchise to the very people trying to destroy America. The franchise created by the Founding Fathers was never meant to be extended to foreigners. Our ancestors rightfully understood that they weren’t our people. You can argue that leftism was in America at the foundational level and there is evidence to show this to be true, but it was not something the average Americans of the time believed. You could not conquer the New World thinking the way we do today.

What Was Different for Our Ancestors?

What allowed our ancestors to overcome, against all odds, a war against the Indians and the British Empire? Our ancestors had a shared purpose. Not an individual purpose, but a purpose for a people. This shared purpose was cemented by their shared suffering. Our ancestors were united under the spirit of shared suffering. They had the common purpose to survive and thrive in nature. With all this talk about empathy, put yourself in the shoes of your ancestors in the new world.

Americans were the last race forced back into nature. They were exiled from the old world and put into the new one with a vast, unknown frontier before them. All that was before them was danger. They had to work together to survive. To relearn the virtues of survival. And survive they did. Far away from the control of the British Empire, they were allowed to govern themselves. To become a distinct race. They developed their own self-interests apart from the Empire. When the Empire tried to impose itself against American interests, they rebelled and secured their independence.

The founding of the United States was also the founding of a new race. We like to talk about how our ancestors fought against tyranny, but the reality is that they had always governed themselves. They weren’t going to allow anyone to dictate or control their livelihoods. The 2nd Amendment was made precisely to ensure self-government by Americans. These ideas were imparted to all Americans since then and have only vanished in recent times. Sure, conservatives still talk about them, but with no bite, no balls, no courage. You can argue that we face something our ancestors didn’t: half our people are obsessed with the idea of racial suicide. That doesn’t change what must be done.

What will see a people through the hardest of times is shared purpose. Purpose is not a hard thing to figure out. It’s right in front of you: survive and thrive. Your people must be unified under the shared purpose of survival. If they aren’t, they aren’t a part of your racial group. They must be forced out of our ranks and made to pay the price of betrayal. This mentality leaves our people somewhere along the lines of 30% of the current population of the United States, maybe. A minority, but so what, our ancestors dealt with harder.

Shared Purpose, Shared Suffering

Life is always going to get harder. You must get stronger. Paint our enemies for what they are: traitors. Much of the great fear of being called out as a racist or “white supremacist” comes from the fear of exile. Of having your livelihood ruined. It’s good again to look back to our ancestors. When faced with adversity or the inability to make it, many Americans just went west. They sought out opportunities on the frontier.

You fear societal exile because it means the destruction of your livelihood. People with healthy race instincts would take care of their own in these kinds of situations. Older peoples were so close to nature that they just went somewhere else. We live in an enormously complex world. If you do not have the will to make yourself a cog in the complexity and put yourself in an invaluable position, maybe your path is to learn to live how our ancestors did. Learn to survive in the wilderness. Put together a tribe of mountain people. This may not sound appealing to most but for Americans as late as the 1800s, surviving on their own was a reality of nature.

Any sort of resistance to what’s happening in the United States today will not come from conservatives. It’s going to come from Americans who have relearned the racial survival instincts of their forefathers.

Almost all Americans in the 1800s could make fire, build with an axe, and hunt for food. How much of those basic survival instincts have we lost in the complexity of modern civilization? Having these skills and knowledge may instill in you the type of courage your ancestors had. It will help you to be self-reliant and resilient to collapse. It can be an opportunity to discover shared purpose. At the very least, it will make you a more complete man.

The fear of being called racist, of being ostracized, is a symbol of your DEPENDENCY on the system. This vastly complex system is not well maintained. It will break down and what will you do then? This is the power the enemy has over you. You cannot be dependent on the system. You have to figure out who’s with you and who’s against you. Do everything in your power to help your people survive and thrive. The world seems hopelessly complex today, but there will be a return to nature. Will you be ready?

Any sort of resistance to what’s happening in the United States today will not come from conservatives. It’s going to come from Americans who have relearned the racial survival instincts of their forefathers. It will be men and women who understand at a visceral level what it takes to survive in nature. Maybe you don’t have to abandon civilization to do this, but I recommend making efforts toward self-reliance. Self-reliance will become vital to any people looking after their self-interests in this country. At the bare minimum, your livelihood shouldn’t be dependent on the system and if it is, it should be in a position not easily replaced.

If you’re looking for a purpose, a calling, you have to look beyond yourself. What is a purpose for a people? A purpose for a race? A great work or task to unite a people. Survival is where it starts. It’s where the human brain begins to appreciate freedom and sovereignty. For Americans, a shared purpose is right there, staring you in the face: how do you get your people out of the labyrinth? How can you stop the bleeding? How can you wrestle back power from our enemies? How do you win? Leave despair behind and do as Hannibal did when asked how he would cross the Alps, “I will find a way or make one.”

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Barbaric Disciple is devoted to the Resavaging of Man, the Pursuit of the Great Work, and lighting the Fire in Men’s Souls. He is a Warrior Religion Activist. You can subscribe to his substack at

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