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The Sense of History – Part 4

Modern historiography begins with Machiavelli; Machiavelli is the father of modern history. The transition that he effected between the older ways of viewing the relationship between man and time and the newer is easily obscured by the fact that we…

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Laibach, Playfulness and Fascism – Part 2

We have now thoroughly explained the true essence of art and culture, namely the manifestation of the universal in the particular, and how the retro-gardistic principle of Laibach is a challenging and suggestive experiment to recreate the Absolute in the…

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Laibach, Playfulness and Fascism – Part 1

Laibach is an avant-garde music group from Slovenia, which since its foundation in 1980 has led a groundbreaking and unique musical and visual experiment, mixing Fascist and traditional ideas and aesthetics together with the musical culture of post-war Europe. Their…

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