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Funeral Dirge for the Family

The fertile and long-lasting heterosexual family unit is in steep decline among Europeans, which explains the dramatic drop in their birth rates. This decline has many secondary causes, but they all lead back to a single primary cause: the excessive…

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The Wolf’s Milk – Part 2

Ethnicity The three possible founts of a culture of the Right considered in, and rejected by, the previous instalment of this essay unite in a fourth, which, for its connection to all the most valid parts of each of them,…

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The Problem of Christianity – Part 1

It would be the height of arrogance to suppose that any millennial problem, not least of all so intricate, multi-layered and labyrinthine a problem as that of Christianity, might be resolved in a breath, in the space of a handful…

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Nietzsche: Antichrist or Prophet?

Nietzsche, arguably one of the most important Western philosophers of the 19th century, sits firmly within two of Western philosophy’s greatest traditions: social criticism and religious criticism. Nietzsche is perhaps most famous for demonstrating a remarkable contempt for Christian morality,…

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