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The Corporatist Answer

When a state descends into chaos and bankruptcy, of either the economic or the moral kind, there can be a reaction by the remaining healthy parts of the people toward regeneration. Oswald Spengler referred in The Decline of the West…

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Nationalism and Folk Identity

Today in the West, we find ourselves on a dangerous precipice. Many of us see our nations changing in ways that are destructive if not terrifying for the direct threats currently leveled at our ethno-culture. We find our means to…

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Bellum Postmodernum – Part 2

The Roman Empire’s aggressive expansionist policy necessitated a flexible definition of what it meant to be ‘Roman’, while recognizing that every amendment had to remain tethered to the rigid notion of inherent Roman superiority over other peoples and cultures. C.…

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Bellum Postmodernum – Part 1

Much of a group, culture, or nation’s ideological framework is often based on the seemingly simple concept of ‘us versus them’. Lutfiye Oktar notes that, ‘The relations between discourse and ideology [where] … ideological discourse is constructed socio-politically [functions] as…

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The Wolf’s Milk – Part 1

The culture of the soil is worked best upon the level field, in conditions that are homogeneous and consistent, and by methods that, while differing from crop to crop, do not vary from plant to plant within each individual crop.…

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