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Bellum Postmodernum – Part 1

Much of a group, culture, or nation’s ideological framework is often based on the seemingly simple concept of ‘us versus them’. Lutfiye Oktar notes that, ‘The relations between discourse and ideology [where] … ideological discourse is constructed socio-politically [functions] as…

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The Wolf’s Milk – Part 1

The culture of the soil is worked best upon the level field, in conditions that are homogeneous and consistent, and by methods that, while differing from crop to crop, do not vary from plant to plant within each individual crop.…

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From JQ to IQ – Part 2

‘Söhne des Bundes’ What is commonly known as the ‘Jewish people’ represents the oldest surviving historical people on Earth, but in the Holy Scriptures of the three Abrahamic religions this people is more correctly described as the ‘Children of Israel’…

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From JQ to IQ – Part 1

‘Event Horizon’ On the edge – in some respects across the boundary – of the patriotic-identitarian movement, there still remains a ‘question’ that many consider to have been either answered already, or else rendered altogether undesirable: in ‘tainted’ old-right jargon…

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The Problem of Christianity – Part 1

It would be the height of arrogance to suppose that any millennial problem, not least of all so intricate, multi-layered and labyrinthine a problem as that of Christianity, might be resolved in a breath, in the space of a handful…

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