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Sex, Gender and Nature

Gillette, popular producer of shaving supplies, has recently released an advertisement with a moral. Playing off of its long-standing and multivalenced motto, ‘The Best a Man Can Get’,1 Gillette opens with the question: ‘Is this the best a man can…

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The Open Society and Its Enemies – Part 1

There is a telling moment of encounter between the social critique offered by the Deep Right and that offered by the academic left in particular, which, though the two use entirely different terms and language, reveals nonetheless a point of…

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White Identity Politics in Canada

The logical structure of this paper, stated in eight claims, is that: Canada was not a nation of immigrants but a nation built from the ground up by settlers and indigenous Euro-Canadians; The underlying principle of multiculturalism is that most…

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Another Babble

In recent years thinkers of the Right have begun to speak of ‘enemies’ with a liberality that our fathers and grandfathers would surely find unnerving. We do not reserve this hard term, as they would, for mortal foes on some…

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Shifting the Political Paradigm

Nearly thirty years ago, the Berlin Wall came crashing down and we entered the Post-Cold War era. Liberalism had triumphed and we had finally arrived at ‘the end of history’1 – or so we had thought. Nowadays, we find that…

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