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The New Temple

Behold the man of today: Massified and made plastic. Deterritorialized and deracinated, he is ever more but an empty vessel. He lives in a perpetual crowd wherein solitude is prohibited and loneliness is enforced. He submits to digital abasement on…

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The Epic of Arya

When Arya, the human goddess of Light, woke up from her long dream, following an endless night in the arms of Eternity, she found herself in a strange land where darkness reigned supreme, a gloomy world she had hitherto never…

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Perspectives on the Islamic Question

In a recent article for Arktos Journal, Dr. Kerry Bolton described with his usual painstaking research and freedom from vulgar prejudice the connections between the agenda of the present political establishment on the one hand and the promotion of Islamophobia…

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Christianity Among the Ruins

What does it take to succeed in life? The answer is complicated because it takes many things, from hard work to a fair shake to good luck. But if you don’t like this answer, you may refer to books that…

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Convergence of Catastrophes

For the first time in its history mankind is threatened by a convergence of catastrophes. A series of ‘dramatic lines’ are approaching one another and converging like a river’s tributaries, with perfect accord (between 2010 and 2020) towards a breaking…

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The Wolf’s Milk – Part 2

Ethnicity The three possible founts of a culture of the Right considered in, and rejected by, the previous instalment of this essay unite in a fourth, which, for its connection to all the most valid parts of each of them,…

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